Salahdine Parnasse

Salahdine Parnasse on KSW 58 opponent Daniel Torres: “The only things that impresses me is his explosiveness”

Salahdine Parnasse hasn’t competed since December 2019 at KSW 52. There have been many factors leading to this especially with 2020 presenting challenges in more ways than one.

“There was the pandemic with the Corona Virus and I was injured,” Parnasse told MyMMANews. “It put me out for three months. With the Corona on top of it, it lead to me sitting out for a year.”

Being a Mixed Martial Artist in France isn’t an easy thing either. For years the sport was outlawed with many athletes forced to leave and train in countries like England and the United States. Parnasse has been one of the few able to remain in France and build a successful career.

“For me it wasn’t too difficult,” Parnasse said. “My coach organizes gala’s in France and that means he’s had me involved with the sport since I was little.”

Now the sport has finally been legalized and many are hoping this leads to big opportunities in the country. France has been an untapped market for a long time, something Parnasse believes will lead to bigger opportunities.

“MMA in France is advancing since it was legalized this year,” Parnasse noted. “That means many people are getting interested in MMA. I’m hoping that means many things will open up.”

Despite all the obstacles, Parnasse is finally back on January 30 as he takes on Daniel Torres at KSW 58. At this point Parnasse was ready to take on anyone, but Torres made the most sense as his next opponent.

“I was happy and I was ready to take him on and really I was ready to take on anyone,” Parnasse said. “Torres is a good opponent. He’s off to a good start in KSW. It was good news for me. I wasn’t surprised by the matchup since he’d won all of his fights.”

Currently Parnasse is training with his team at Atch Academy with his coach Stephane Chaufourier and his main training partner Fabacary Diatta. He doesn’t need to leave France like many others as he’s been able to surround himself with the right people.

“We have a good team,” Parnasse said. “We have everything we need.”

When it comes to the fight with Torres, don’t expect him to spend hours fawning over his opponent’s game. He has specific attributes that Parnasse looks at but nothing out of the ordinary.

“I think he’s good and he’s explosive,” Parnasse said.” That’s it. He’s good and explosive. He also has good cardio.”

As he looks at his opponents game. There isn’t a whole lot that impresses him. There is one specific thing though…

“The only things that impresses me is his explosivness.”

As with all fighters Parnasse sees a path to victory. It’s the same way he’s won all of his past fights. Don’t expect that to change against Torres.

“I’m either getting the decision or the knockout.”

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