Dillon Danis Im gonna strangle Jake Shields in record time

Scott Coker reacts to Dillon Danis’ street fight with Anthony Taylor, tells him he ‘shouldn’t be out there fighting for free’

Scott Coker is disappointed Dillon Danis hasn’t fought in a couple of years.

Danis is a main training partner of Conor McGregor as well as serving as the Irishman’s jiu-jitsu coach. He was a big name in the grappling world and he signed to fight with Bellator and started out his career 2-0. However, he hasn’t fought since June 2019 but has been involved in some antics in the streets which include a scuffle with Nate Diaz at UFC 281 and then with KSI at his event. After he threw a coffee at KSI, Anthony Taylor punched Danis in the street which started a scuffle.

For Coker, who has promoted by Danis and Taylor, he was disappointed with it as he thinks neither should be fighting for free.

“I’m not sure what to think about it. All I’ve got to say to Anthony and to Dillon: You shouldn’t be out there fighting for free. If you want to fight for free, please give me a call,” Coker said after Bellator 238. “You’re a professional prizefighter. You should fight in the cage or do it in the ring. I’m not sure what the tactics there are.”

Of course, Dillon Danis will return to fighting on January 14 but it will not be in MMA. Instead, he’s set to headline Misfits 004 in London, England on January 14 as he faces YouTuber KSI. It is a fight he has wanted for some time. Yet, according to Scott Coker, he says Danis’ career path is frustrating as Bellator thought they had something special in him.

“The thing that is frustrating is, when you think of Dillon Danis, the guy has a great ground game. He was one of the best jiu-jitsu guys on the planet at one time,” Coker said. “We signed him, we wanted to develop him, we wanted him to come into our system and start fighting, fight tougher guys and work your way up, but I think he got sidetracked a little bit. Things get in the way. To me, he had a lot of potential. And so we can’t make him do it, he’s got to want to do it, but right now he’s doing something else.”

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