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Scott “Dead Serious” Dirkson on Mike Serrano: I think I can get him out of there in round 1!”

Scott Dirkson is set to return to the cage in a little under a week. On September 7 at the Pennsylvania Farm Show Complex and Expo Center in Harrisburg, PA, “Dead Serious” Dirkson takes on Gracie 717 standout, Mike “No Mercy” Serrano. The two combatants are familiar with each other, as they’ve cross trained in the past. Dirkson, however, doesn’t rely too much on the past experience, and is ready for a renewed Serrano.

While discussing this training camp, Dirkson has mentioned Serrano has a history of slowing down as the fight progresses stating “He gasses really quick”, emphasizing a potential flaw in his dance partners game he looks to expose. While also noting Serrano’s wrestling background that “In preparation for this fight, I’ve really just focused on my wrestling”, Dirkson proclaims.

With a tough task on his plate in Mike Serrano, Dirkson also has plans after this bout to take his professional talents elsewhere, and venturing into the world of Muay Thai. “I’m ready to transition and give it a shot” he says. With being in the cage for so long, Dirkson admits “In MMA, all my losses are due to wrestlers.” Following with, “I’m stubborn! I like to strike!”

The sky is the limit for Scott “Dead Serious” Dirkson and he is as ready as ever to take on a former friend turned foe in the cage, Mike Serrano.

Tune in as Scott “Dead Serious” Dirkson and I chop it up for a bit to discuss his King of the Cage: Capital Punishment bout with Mike “No Mercy” Serrano.

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