Sean O'Malley, malley, O'Malley puts Wineland away with overhand right

Sean O’Malley Predicts Superstardom With More Wins Like The One at UFC 250

Sean O’Malley had a great outing last weekend at UFC 250. There were two notable knockout finishes of the event, one was his over Eddie Wineland and the other was Cody Garbrandt’s knockout over Raphael Assuncao. While the win and finish have elevated O’Malley’s record to 12-0, O’Malley feels he still needs to do more work before he gets the star treatment from the UFC.

“I’m not where I need to be yet, I’m not that huge money fight yet,” O’Malley told TMZ, “But give me a couple more knockouts, a couple more like that and I’m going to be and I’m going to be a worldwide superstar.” Everyone loves a winner and O’Malley knows this, he also knows his division is ripe for a lot of movement with Henry Cejudo’s retirement, but he also seems aware that evolution is necessary to be a complete martial artist.

“I got to keep knocking people out, and I got to keep training. That’s what the main focus is.”- Sean O’Malley

While he is not opposed to facing the likes of Cejudo or Garbrandt, he even sees himself potentially facing Garbrandt in the future but at 25-years-old and only in his third year with the UFC, he knows that the wins are what matter in the fight game. “I’m going to get those big pay-per-view someday but I got to keep winning, I got to keep knocking people out, and I got to keep training, O’Malley said, “That’s what the main focus is.”

Of course, since the interview was with TMZ, they did ask how he matches up against Garbrandt and O’Malley replied, “What a beast in his own right to be able to come back after getting knocked out three times,” but added, “I’ll slice right through that <expletive> beard.” With the way, matches are being made and the quick turnarounds fighters are seeing due to the logistics of booking fights during a pandemic, that fight might not be far off.

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