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Shawne Merriman Announces November Date For Vegas and Talks LXF 6

Interview with Shawne Merriman above

Shawne Merriman and Lights Out Xtreme Fighting (LXF) are off and running over at Fubo Sports and the plan is to continue the success. LXF 5 was the first event for Merriman and the promotion was able to hold after COVID-19 had put a stop to sports. Combat sports was able to trickle back and LXF5 was their turn to remind fans of what they are doing in MMA.

Speaking with MyMMANews, Merriman said everything went great. “It was great man. It’s funny that everybody there has been in the industry for so long, has been around doing it. From the production, the matchmaking, everybody’s been around for a long time but everybody had this nervous kind of feeling coming out for the first time from the pandemic.”

Often, fans don’t think about or care to know the concerns the promoter has leading into an event, but Merriman said the concern was only in addition to the concerns any promoter has leading into fight night. 

“You know you always worry a little bit,” Merriman added. “The week of the fight or leading up to the fight if everybody is coming in healthy, if you’re gonna have some injuries or have to scratch a fight. Whatever it is you know guys not making weight, I mean just just anything crazy. Everything was perfect, we were sold out in there . If you can tell on the broadcast we were packed wall-to-wall in there.”

And the plan is to pack the house again in Burbank, California at the Marriott on October 30, and Merriman announced November 19 at Resorts World in Las Vegas. The Fubo Sports broadcast 209,000 viewers according to Merriman and, “I think 351,000 streams I mean is this thing is flying.” 

It looks like a lot of the right people watched too because at LXF 5 Erick Gonzalez not only won the main event and proposed marriage to his girlfriend (she said yes), but he shortly after he made his UFC debut on October 16 against Jim Miller. Gonzalez lost, but  Merriman says that’s a testament to the talent Light Out Xtreme Fighting  has to offer so for those not watching, replays have been running for free at Fubo Sports and LXF 6 will be live on October 30. Check out Lights Out Xtreme Fighting’s official website for ticket information.

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