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Georges St Pierre My lawyer terminated contract with UFC free agent

St-Pierre Opens Up in New Documentary With All-Star Cast

Georges St-Pierre recently spoke with MMA TRUFAN about his life and career for a new podcast documentary. The future UFC Hall of Famer shared details from his childhood along with challenges he’s faced throughout his career among other topics.

St-Pierre’s coaches, training partners and past opponents also provided exclusive interviews. Coaches like John Danaher, Phil Nurse, and Greg Jackson shared some of their strategies going into past fights along with details from their training sessions. Past opponents like Matt Serra, Jake Shields, Karo Parisyan, Sean Sherk, Frank Trigg and Pete Spratt also spoke about the former champion.

Listen to “Georges St-Pierre: Audio Biography” on Spreaker.

In addition, MMA TRUFAN spoke with coaches of St-Pierre’s past opponents like UFC Hall of Famer Pat Miletich, Crazy Bob Cook and Jason Parillo. Miletich trained former UFC champion Matt Hughes. He spoke about Georges’ ability to control fights with his striking game.

“I think he really paid attention to the concepts I always try to paint for people in terms of striking. He did it to a tee. He established his jab very well and then he used feints and fakes with his jabs and that’s all you really have to do (in order) to control an entire fight. Once you can establish that you have a jackhammer and fast jab, and they fear it, then you can just use feints and fakes and they don’t know what the hell is coming next. So, once you get that chink in the armor, the striking game is easy. So, his understanding of never letting somebody know what is coming at them as far as being on your feet was something he did very very well.”

St-Pierre Joined By All-Star Cast

St-Pierre was just one of twenty people interviewed for the two-hour documentary. The total list of participants include: Bob Cook, Monte Cox, John Danaher, Sandro Ferr, Kenny Florian, Renzo Gracie, Jeremy Horn, Greg Jackson, Carl Massaro, Pat Miletich, Phil Nurse, Jason Parillo, Karo Parisyan, Matt Serra, Sean Sherk, Jake Shields, Pete Spratt, Georges St-Pierre, Frank Trigg, and Shawn Williams.

The documentary from MMA TRUFAN clocks in at two hours and provides one of the most rounded portrayals we have seen of the former champion. It is available now on Spreaker, Apple Podcasts, YouTube and all major podcast apps.

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