Submission Underground 8 Results – SUG 8

Submission Underground (SUG) has returned! SUG 8 will be live from The Roseland Theater in Portland, Oregon on May 12th. Doors open at 2 pm and the card will start at 3 pm. The Submission Underground 8 card will air live on UFC Fight Pass and it will be the first that promoter Chael Sonnen has brought to the platform.

In the night’s main event, undefeated Bellator welterweight contender Austin Vanderford takes on former Strikeforce middleweight champion Jake Shields.

Submission Underground 8 Results below:

Austin Vanderford vs. Jake Shields: Jake Shields winner by Escape Time in EBI OT.

Jake Ellenberger vs. Diego Sanchez: Jake Ellenberger winner by Escape Time in EBI OT. 

Fabiano Scherner vs. Matt Mitrione: Fabiano Scherner winner by Armbar in EBI OT.

Dennis Hallman vs. Craig Jones: Craig Jones winner by Toe Hold. 

Pat Healy vs. Gilbert Melendez: Gilbert Melendez winner by Escape Time (EBI OT Rules).

Micah Brakefield vs. Shaun Kiatvongcharoen in the Gi. Micah Brakefield winner by Kneebar.

Tag Team Jiu-Jitsu:

1. Team Hart/ The Base: Amy Burnham & Ryan Hart


Team Currier/ Impact JJ: Samantha & Mike Currier.

Winner by Crowd Applause (Tied at 3 at end of regulation): Team Currier/ Impact JJ 


2. Team Combat Arts Academy: Sonia Sillan & Preeya Sillan


Team Straight Blast Gym: Amanda Loewen & Vanessa Mariscal.

Winner by 6 submissions to 1: Team Straight Blast Gym.


3. Team Impact JJ/ Nemesis: Anna Dempster & Michelle Brannan


Team Gracie Barra: Liz Tracey & Lisa Spangler

Winner by Crowd Applause: Team Impact Nemesis. 


4. Team 10th Planet Springfield: Mike Dewitt & Dustin Castleberry


Team BTT Happy Valley: Gustavo Bessa & Chad McKinney

Winner by 2 submissions to 0: Team BTT Happy Valley. 


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