Teshay Gouthro

Teshay Gouthro on Chris Disonell fight and a Mike Tyson meeting

Teshay Gouthro tests skills with Chris Disonell in the Cage Wars: Mike Tyson Fight Night 2 main event on July 23rd.

Gouthro returned to Bowks Talking Bouts and covered several subjects before this scrap. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Teshay Gouthro

Staying active and trending towards one-fight contracts on the regional circuit

“I’m not looking past this guy that I’m about to fight. But I’m going to fucking dust him. He’s just not on my level and he’s going to understand it once we get in there. The reason I’m talking like this is because he’s a disrespectful fuck. He’s going to catch it. But looking past him, I want to hop right back on it. Maybe a show in August. There’s something I’m looking at right there. Maybe a show in September. And if not a short notice Contender Series fight, I’m always about that.”

Teshay Gouthro continued, “But yeah, just keep on taking fights, stay healthy, come out of the cage untouched, and put on highlights. The UFC will come. I just got to keep doing what I’m doing.”

Assessment of opponent Chris Disonell’s skills and past resume with promotions like Bellator MMA

“He’s good everywhere. Everywhere except for his wrestling. I don’t think he’s that good at wrestling. His boxing, he’s not a big kicker. He’s ok everywhere let’s say that but I’m better everywhere. Like he’s good everywhere, I’ve got to respect him everywhere. But like right when we took this fight, my coach was like he’s good everywhere but you’re better everywhere. So we can take this fight wherever you want, whenever you want.”

Teshay Gouthro continued, “When you feel the time is right to shoot, shoot. When you feel the time to pressure, pressure. I’m going to control the fight from start to finish and that’s how it’s going to go. If there’s some adversity, there’s some adversity. I deal with it, analyze it, and overcome it. Then I fucking keep winning, that’s it.”

Cage Wars: Mike Tyson Fight Night 2

If Gouthro foresees chopping it up Mike Tyson who commentates the event that is partly in his name

“That’s how they got me. I wasn’t even thinking about doing it at first until they said Mike Tyson. Really because I was like this is their first pro show. Sure it’s main event but like they’re not that big of a promotion. I was looking to just stay on UFC Fight Pass, build my name there. Build my brand there. But then they said Tyson and I was like oh fuckin let’s go! There’s no ifs, ands, buts about it, me and Tyson are smoking a blunt after. I’m putting this guy out and we can do some shrooms too.”

Teshay Gouthro continued, “But no, me and Tyson are going to kick it. And he’s going to probably end up sponsoring me. Because I’m going to hit him with some shit and he’s going to see I’m the future. So yeah we’re going to talk, we’re going to talk some business. That’s where my mindset is at right now.”

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