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CBD for sleep The Effectiveness and Safety of CBD for Getting Sound Sleep

The Effectiveness and Safety of CBD for Getting Sound Sleep

It is essential to get a good night’s sleep to keep yourself healthy. Hence, experts recommend seven to nine hours of sleep for adults each night. This habit will give your body proper rest and energy to function properly the next day. Additionally, it helps in preventing sickness, aids in growing and repairing tissues and muscles, and contributes to refreshing memories.

Unfortunately, more than 70 percent of the population in the US say that they lack sleep. One-third of the percentage are workers who only get six hours or less sleep per night. This resulted in the booming industry of sleep solutions.

Through the years, experts have developed many sleep aids, therapies, and medications. Among the better sleep strategies that are gaining attention is the use CBD. CBD is a hemp derivative proven to be effective in decreasing anxiety and improving sleep.

However, experts need to conduct more research and studies to connect its effects with health concerns, including sleep. This way, it could potentially increase the number of states and countries where CBD use is legal.

Does CBD Help With Sleep?

Ancient people discovered and used the health benefits of cannabis/hemp as early as 1500 BC. For example, Atharvaveda or Hindu markings that existed during the time mentioned cannabis and its ability to make people better. Furthermore, a Chinese medical text from 1200 AD described cannabis’ ability to induce sleep.

Today, many people continue the practice of using cannabis, specifically in the form of cannabidiol or CBD, to help them sleep. According to the Consumer Reports survey results, a majority of the people in the US who have tried using CBD for better sleep said that it worked.

In addition, a neurosurgeon and clinical professor at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Joseph Maroon, MD, found out in his research that CBD contains properties that aid people in sleeping. According to him, CBD seems to work in easing pain and anxiety, two factors that cause many people to lose sleep.

What does the research say about CBD and sleep?

According to Sleep Foundation, research on CBD’s effects on sleep is still in its initial stages. Currently, experts need to acquire more information if people treated with CBD for chronic pain are getting a good sleep because of the medication or something else.

Researchers from different countries have started conducting studies to help in determining the relationship between CBD and sleep. However, as the world waits for the findings, some people are using related studies to get an idea if CBD works in promoting better sleep.

  • CBD and Anxiety

Anxiety causes a lack of sleep. To help deal with the condition, medical experts have experimented using CBD to calm the nervous system of people suffering from an anxiety disorder. One study proved the high rates of people with anxiety getting better from using CBD. Initially, more than 65 percent of the participants experienced better sleeping patterns after taking CBD. However, the results also showed fluctuating results.

  • CBD and REM Sleep Behavior Disorder 

This kind of disorder is common in older people who have Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and other neurodegenerative illnesses. Patients with REM sleep behavior disorder tend to move aggressively during the REM or rapid eye movement stage of sleep.

To help understand how CBD can help people with the disorder, experts conducted a limited study wherein they used CBD in helping four patients manage the condition. Initial results suggest that patients experience the symptoms less frequently after taking CBD than before.

  • CBD and Insomnia

People with insomnia find it difficult to sleep or stay asleep. As a result, the disorder affects their wakefulness, mood, and ability to concentrate during the day. Following the positive results in treating anxiety with CBD, experts have started their studies on the effects of CBD on insomnia. It has resulted in the developing pilot study on how the use of THC and CBD will aid people with physician-diagnosed insomnia.

  • CBD and Excessive Daytime Sleepiness Disorder 

Experts conducted initial research to find out if CBD is effective in dealing with the disorder in animals. As a result, they found out that CBD can be used to induce wakefulness. However, certain studies may disprove the point, saying that CBD has sedative effects. In line with this, professionals need to conduct more research to prove the claims.

How to use CBD for sleep?

There are a few different ways to use CBD for sleep. One way is to take it in pill form. Another way is to use CBD oil. You can also vaporize CBD oil and inhale it.

If you decide to take CBD in pill form, it is important to start with a low dose and increase it gradually. It is also important to take it with food.

If you decide to use oil, the most common method of consuming is sublingual CBD, which is usually done using dropper.

CBD edibles or gummies are one of the CBD products you can take at any time of day. You chew and swallow them like other gummy candy.

It is important to talk to your doctor before using CBD for sleep. This is especially true if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. You should also talk to your doctor if you have any other medical conditions.

How much CBD Oil should I take for sleep?

If you want to try using CBD oil to improve sleep, it is recommended taking 25 mg before bedtime. However, you can increase its amount through the days when your body has adjusted to its presence in your system.

When should I take CBD Oil to help me sleep?

Choosing the right CBD oil for bedtime is as important as taking the right dosage. To help you sleep, you have to take it before hitting the bed.

Are there any side effects to worry about?

As long as you follow your doctor’s CBD oil recommendation for a better night’s sleep, you don’t have to worry about the side effects. CBD oils are gluten-free and vegan-friendly. They are easy to use and work quickly. However, some people take quite a time before adjusting to the taste.

Can it interfere with my prescriptions?

If you are taking over-the-counter or prescription medications, it is best to ask your physician about the possible effects of using CBD with your meds. CBD oils may cause the other drugs to decrease or increase their effectiveness. This is due to how CBD oils affect specific liver enzymes in your body responsible for the metabolism of the drugs.

Final Thoughts

If you are desperate to find a solution to your sleeping problems, then go ahead and try CBD oils. It appears to be effective and safe in dealing with sleep disorders and their underlying factors. However, make sure that you consult your doctor, especially when taking other medications or undergoing therapies.

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