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The Fighter Within: Everyone Has A Fight – Available Today

A new book about the personal level of mixed martial arts hits stores and newsstands today. Christopher Olech’s “The Fighter Within: Everyone Has A Fight – Insights into the Minds and Souls of True Champions” takes an in-depth approach to bring insider stories, heartfelt moments and the human element to what’s perceived as a savage sport.

The book reveals thoughtful, encouraging and even lighthearted insights into the minds and souls of true champions. It describes the attributes that lead to success in a sport that demands dedication, forethought and intellect—traits which are applicable to all of life’s challenges.

Olech’s book includes a forward written by a man he called his idol, former UFC Heavyweight Champion and three-time King of Pancrase World Champion, Bas Rutten.  The forward sets the tone for this book, which features an impressive array of interviews with a veritable who’s-who of elite MMA fighters and martial artists:

  • Fedor Emelianenko (Former MMA Heavyweight Champion and FIAS World Combat Sambo Heavyweight Champion)
  • Rashad Evans (Heavyweight winner of The Ultimate Fighter 2/Former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion)
  • Rich Franklin (Former UFC Middleweight Champion)
  • Rory MacDonald (Former King of the Cage Lightweight Champion)
  • Sean Sherk (Former UFC Lightweight Champion)
  • Tomasz Adamek (Boxing Champion)
  • Firas Zahabi (Tri-Star Elite Coach)
  • Bruno Fernandes (Founder of Gracie Barra Montreal BJJ school/President of GB Wear)
  • John Danaher (BJJ Black Belt Elite Coach)
  • Ajarn Phil Nurse (Muay Thai Champion/Elite Coach)
  • Alain Moussi (Actor/Stuntman)
  • Rafal Chwalek (Polish Kickboxing and Savate Champion)
  • Scott Ramsdell (API Head Instructor)
  • Matthew Olson (API Head Instructor)

Last week Olech joined the SFLC Podcast to along with UFC fighters Rob Font and Jim Miller.  Olech talked about the nine year journey to bring the book to fruition.  Listen at link below beginning at 10:39

SFLC Podcast Episode 95: Rob Font, Chris Olech & Jim Miller

Editorial Reviews


“Chris Olech is proof positive that everyone does indeed have a fight. He went from combat sports fan and spectator to activate participant. He shares many of his personal experiences throughout his journey, as well as stories from many of the sport’s elite athletes. It’s clear he put his heart and soul into this project—it’s a book not to be missed.” —Tony Reid, owner of Rattling the Cage, monthly contributor to Fighters Only magazine, host of ESPN 92.3 WVSL

“Olech brings the average reader into the world of Mixed Martial Arts that few, outside of the realm of its elite participants, will ever experience. A truly uplifting memoir, with a brawler’s backbone.” —Conner Cordova, MMA journalist

“There have been a lot of books written about combat sports by journalists and just as many written by fighters. Christopher Olech’s The Fighter Within is the rare book by an author who is both, and you will gain more insight on the fight game and those in it from this book than anything I’ve read in a long time. I recommend this book to anyone wishing to learn what it truly takes to fight—in the ring, Octagon, or life.” —Thomas Gerbasi, Editorial Director for the UFC

“Candid, inspiring and eye-opening. A deep look into the real life of fighters” —Michael Schiavello, sports commentator for AXS TV, K-1, Dream, Maximum Fighting Championship, King of the Cage and The Contender Asia

“A wonderful ride that encompasses the true essence of martial arts. Olech beautifully relates the common man with the teachings and spirit of many of the sport’s masters.” —Joe Ferraro, host of UFC Central radio

“If you are fascinated by the MMA lifestyle and want to find out what makes good fighters tick, then read this book!” —Donovan Craig, Founding editor of Fight! magazine

“By telling his life story, Chris Olech demonstrates the powerful possibilities that martial arts training can open up for one’s life. By training hard and competing in martial arts like Muay Thai, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and MMA, Chris reframed the perspective from which he viewed himself and his life. As a result, he’s been able to transform his life from one where he was stuck doing uninspiring menial work to make ends meet, to one where—though struggles persist—he now seeks out adventure as a healthier and more driven person who regularly spends time with, and learns from, his heroes.” —Elias Cepeda, MMA & Boxing writer for Yahoo! Sports

“From MMA to Nazi’s to Muay Thai, Chris Olech covers it all in this sometimes funny, sometimes moving but oftentimes motivating tome. I struggled with deciding whether to continue reading or heading to Renzo Gracie Academy to train. Great stuff Olech. Congrats on a great book.” —Mike Straka, bestselling author of Fighting Words

The Fighter Within
Author Chris Olech (Left) is pictured in St. Louis with the legendary Fedor Emelianenko, one of the many fighters who appear in his new book, The Fighter Within. (PHOTO BY HECTOR QUINTERO)

About the Author

Born in Toronto, Canada to immigrant parents, Christopher Olech’s immersion into the world of martial arts began after the UFC Welterweight Champion, Matt Hughes, came to town for a seminar. Christopher began training in the Mixed Martial Arts, eventually putting his skills to the test in the ring, where he won a Grapplers Quest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Tournament Gold Finish, and was the IBBA Hall of Fame Competitor of the Year in 2010. He helped organize one of the biggest MMA seminars to come to Toronto Canada, The Paradise Warrior Retreat, which featured eight internationally-known competitors. Olech is a certified Athletic Performance Inc. Caveman Training Instructor. As a freelance journalist, he covers fighting events in all fields of martial arts and boxing, and he’s contributed to various MMA and boxing websites as well as print media.

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