Timothy Tyler

Timothy Tyler seeks redemption in pro MMA debut at Art of War II

The theme of the current season of the Ultimate Fighter, is “redemption.”  Fighters who stumbled along the way in one of the previous 24 seasons seek to prove that they have what it takes to make it in the UFC.

Timothy Tyler hasn’t quite made it to the stage of the Ultimate Fighter just yet, however, the up and coming mixed martial artist does have a hunger for redemption.

Tyler has kept busy the last year on the amateur MMA circuit.  In December 2016, Tyler took a fight out of his weight class against Elijah Harris, with six days notice.  The youngster injured his rib early in the contest and the doctor had to stop the fight in the first round.

Redemption is what Tyler now seeks as he andHarris both step it up a big notch and rematch one another in their professional debuts at Harrah’s Philadelphia Casino and Resort, Friday June 2.  Tyler and Harris will collide at Art of War II.Timmy Tyler

Art of War promoter Mike Bickings calls Timmy Tyler “a blue chip prospect”.

Tyler wrestled for 11 years so he is no stranger to weight cuts or rigorous cardiovascular responsibilities. He tells MyMMANews that he’s been training for 5-minute pro rounds ever since he started working with Robert Navone and Jesse “AlphaMale” Stokes.

Tyler has been mixing up his training at a couple spots but making sure that he misses no phases. Brothers, Alex and Jesus Barbosa at UFC Gym in Cherry Hill, have been working with Tyler on his boxing. Bruce Quinn and Stokes at End Game BJJ have been tightening up his ground game.

Tyler knows that his opponent is a talented, tough fighter just like him.

“I just turned 20-years old in May,” Tyler said.  “I feel I’m ready to do this. Promoters always called me when they were in a pinch because they knew I would fight. I love to fight.  This time, I have a full camp and will be the best that I’ve ever been.”

I stopped in Cherry Hill to chat with Timmy before a workout and he seemed calm, cool and collected as well as confident. Please listen below as Tyler brings us up to date in his fight career and how he’s preparing for his first pro bout.