Tom Aspinall

Tom Aspinall issues statement following injury TKO loss at UFC London

UFC heavyweight contender Tom Aspinall issued a statement following his injury TKO loss to Curtis Blaydes in the main event of UFC London.

Aspinall and Blaydes only fought for 15 seconds before the Brit fell down in pain after injuring his knee. That gave Blaydes the TKO win on paper, and now it appears that Aspinall will be out for a significant amount of time with this injury. It was not the way anyone thought the fight would play out, and no one wanted it to play out this way.

Taking to his social media following UFC London, Aspinall issued a statement following this disappointing defeat. In the statement, Aspinall thanked the medical staff for attending to him quickly and also gave a shout-out to Curtis for his sportsmanship.

“Last night wasn’t my night, my training camp in the build up to the fight has been brilliant. Sometimes these things happen; now is the time to recover, rebuild and come back stronger! Wanted to say a huge thank you to the UFC, the doctors and paramedics that looked after me. But, also to the fans! For all the messages you’ve sent and support you’ve given me, in the build up to the fight and after the freak injury. You’re all amazing! Want to thank Curtis for being a true gentleman, it didn’t work out how we both wanted, but to come and see me after for a beer makes you a legend in my eyes. Finally, my team and my family. We all know this is elite sport, we live to fight another day! Big love Tom,” wrote Tom Aspinall on his Instagram.

What do you think is next for Tom Aspinall when he returns to the Octagon, hopefully, next year, following this injury TKO loss to Curtis Blaydes at UFC London?

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