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Trevahn Stephens staying active with USKA win and upcoming AOW bout

The window to compete as a fighter is a short one, for certain. With the constant wear and tear on your body from the amateur circuit, clear through the professional ranks, the punishment, stress, sacrifices all take a vast toll on the human anatomy and sanity. This is why fighters find it essential to get it while they can. Because once the body can’t withstand anymore, there’s no returning.

Trevahn Stephens is a cookie-cutting example of taking ahold of opportunity when it presents itself when he can. Following a lengthy layoff for most fighters, due to the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic, fighters are chomping at the bit to get back to work. Stephens, however, will be competing in less than a week for the second time in a month.

Following a dominating win at USKA: Muay Thai in the Cage last month when he defeated Matt Skinner via first-round TKO, Stephens jumps right back in the mix at Art of War 19. Although, taking off the kickboxing gloves and strapping in his 4oz MMA gloves.

“I don’t even really think of no game plan, “Stephens says about the match. “I just go off of reactions” he confidently continues. “I don’t have time to really think of what to do in those split two seconds,” he explains. “I’d rather train and train, train, drill, drill, drill, and test reactions!”

“I don’t like to predict the outcome of a fight, but I do not like leaving it in the judges’ hands, man. I don’t!” He passionately expresses about his upcoming mg bout.

Tune in above as Trevahn Stephens discusses his back-to-back fights at USKA: Muay Thai in the Cage where he took out Matt Skinner via TKO. We talk about his feeling when his son presented him with his winning award. He discusses his impending matchup at Art of War 19 and so much more!

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