Triton Fights 18

Triton Fights 18 takes place in Plant City, Florida on Saturday, March 27.

Triton Fights 18 results: Vilson Ndregjoni wins vacant featherweight title

A 23-fight-long Triton Fights 18 ended with a title defense, two new champions and 14 total finishes in Plant City, Florida on Saturday, March 27.

The promotion’s first-ever professional card ended with crowning Vilson Ndregjoni as the new featherweight champion. The Albanian wrestled his way to a unanimous decision against Keith Speed in the main event.

Featherweight prospect Dennis Buzujka re-entered the win column as he edged out a unanimous decision win in a rematch against Shaquan Moore in the co-main event.

Triton Fights 18 preview

Triton Fights 18 makes  history as the New-York based promotion holds its first-ever professional event in Plant City, Florida on Saturday, March 27. 

In the promotions first trip down south, fighter from professional and amateur fighter from New York will make the trip down to face some of the top prospects in Florida.

Headlining the event is an inaugural featherweight championship bout between Vilson Ndregjoni and Keith Speed.

The current Ring of Combat featherweight champion Dennis Buzujka returns to the cage for the first time since suffering his first professional defeat on Dana White’s Contender Series this past December. 

He takes on Shaquan Moore, a professional boxer and MMA fighter, who picked up his first win back in January. The main card also includes the lightweight debut of Roufus Sport’s Lenny Rufati and John Ortolani. 

Former Triton Fights amateur lightweight champion Dylan Mantello returns to the promotion after a perfect 2-0 start as a professional.

Triton Fights 18 is a separate ticketed event with a 13-fight amateur card kicking off at 2 p.m. ET, followed by 11-bout professional event starting at 7 p.m ET. MyMMANews will provide results for the amateur card and will recap all 11 professional bouts. 

Dennis Buzukja
Photo by Angelo Carchesio

Triton Fight 18:

Lightweight bout: Ryan Castro vs. Dylan Bryson

The reach advantage of Dylan Bryson proved to be the difference maker in his unanimous decision win against Ryan Castro.

Bryson picked apart Castro on the feet for the first two rounds, until Castro earned a takedown in the third round.  Castro landed ground and pound, but it was not enough to earn the win.

Bryson improves to 1-2, while Castro drops his first professional loss, now 2-1.


Women’s featherweight bout: Dianna Karavas [0-1] vs. Rebecca Evans [Pro debut] 

Rebecca Evans’ wrestling set up the rear-naked choke win against Rebecca Evans in the second round.

Evans established her wrestling in round one. Karavas eventually got to her feet and controlled in the clinch, but Evans brought the fight back to the ground. Evans poured on the ground and pound to close out the first.

The two fought mostly in the clinch as Evans worked for a takedown. Evans threw Karavas over her hip for a takedown. Evans laid on the ground and pound. Evans took the back and sinks in the rear-naked choke. Karavas is forced to tap.

Evans wins professional debut and Karavas falls to 0-2.


Featherweight bout: Tyler Randall [Pro debut] vs. Darrius Jackson [Pro debut] 

Darrius Jackson made the most of his professional debut on nine days notice.

Jackson tapped fellow featherweight Tyler Randall in the opening round. Jackson wasted n time as he shot in on Randall and earned the takedown.

Jackson dropped to the foot of Randall and locked in the heel hook. Jackson moves to 1-0 and Randall falls to 0-1.


Lightweight bout: Armando Gjetja [Pro debut] vs. Ray Bohannon [0-1] 

Gjetja’s left hand put Ray Bohannon out in the opening round.

Gjetja caught Bohannon early in round one with a counter-left hand. Just moments later, Gjetja landed another left to put Bohannon back down for good.

Gjetja moves to 1-0 after professional-debut win. Bohannon falls to 0-2.

Lightweight bout: Justin Montalvo [1-0] vs. Charlie Radtke [3-2] 

Justin Monatlvo’s body shots paid off in the end.

After Charles Radtke established a wrestling advantage in round one and most of round two, Montalvo put Radtke down with a right-hand to the body.

Radtke got off to a fast start, but slowed down as the fight kept going.

Montalvo remains unbeaten at 2-0, while Radtke drops to 3-3.


Women’s strawweight bout: Glory Watson [Pro debut] vs. Ariana Melendez [Pro debut] 

Ariana Melendez slipped in the first-round guillotine choke against Glory Watson.

Watson let her hands go early, but a right hand from Melendez put her down. Melendez gained top control and eventually scrambled into a guillotine choke. Watson was forced to tap

Melendez wins her professional debut as Watson falls to 0-1.


160-pound catchweight: Dylan Mantello [2-0] vs. Jerome Mickle [3-6] 

Dylan Mantello gave Jerome Mickle little time to tap.

Mickle threw Mantello to the mat early, but Mantello shortly slapped on an arm-bar immediately.

Mantello jumps to 3-0, while Mickle falls to 3-7.


Lightweight bout: Lenny Rufati [4-3] vs. John Ortolani [10-14] 

John Ortolani poured it on early with a first-round submission win against Lenny Rufati.

Ortoloni rocked Rufati early with a right hand and then took Rufati’s back on the mat. Ortoloni sank in the rear-naked choke and Rufati tapped.

Ortolani improves to 11-14, while Rufati drops to 4-4.


Lightweight bout: Dennis Buzukja [4-2] vs. Shaquan Moore [1-2] 

Dennis Buzujka stole the third round to win by unanimous decision against Shaquan Moore.

Buzukja and Moore laid it all out in round one. Both men cut one another open up early.

Moore showcased his speed on the feet, landing more often than Buzukja in round one.

Round two was much of the same. Moore continued to batter Buzukja on the feet, making the cut on Buzujka’s face worst.

Buzujka is not going anywhere and starts pouring on the strikes. Both men end the round trading.

Buzujka scores a takedown after a minute into round three. Moore got to his feet and clinched with Buzujka against the cage. The two split and work to the middle. Both men landing often, putting it all out there. Buzukja shoots, but Moore defends.

Buzujka lets the head kicks fly. Both men throwing. Buzujka lands a knee and the round comes to an end.

Buzukja moves to 5-2, while Moore falls to 1-3.


Main event [Inaugural Featherweight Championship]: Vilson Ndregjoni[3-1] vs. Keith Speed [3-4] 

Ndregjoni and Speed kept the score close in round sone and two, but Ndregjoni seemed to control majority of the positions.

Ndregjoni controlled the back of Speed on the feet in round three. He even threw a head kick from behind Speed. Not a ton of action, but again, Ndregjoni had control.

Ndregjoni let his hands go more in the fourth round. He scored another takedown and transitioned to half guard. Ndregjoni ended the round in control again.

Speed missed with a flying knee in the fifth. Ndregjoni grabbed Speed, but Speed switched to gain position on top. Speed lands a knee to the body of Ndregjoni.

Both men to their feet. Speed favoring the high kick. Fight ends with Ndregjoniclinching with Speed against the cage

Ndregjoni becomes the new Triton Fights featherweight champion as he improves to 4-1. Keith Speed falls to 3-5. 




Official decision: Vilson Ndregjoni def. Keith Speed via unanimous decision.

Ndregioni becomes the new Triton Fights featherweight champion, calls for title shot at bantamweight strap.

Official decision: Dennis Buzukja def.  Shaquan Moore via unanimous decision. 

Official decision: John Ortolani def. Lenny Rufati via submission [rear-naked choke] at 1:13 in round 1.

Official decision: Dylan Mantello def. Jerome Mickle via submission [arm-bar] at 2:13 in round 1.

Official decision: Ariana Melendez def. Glory Watson via submission [guillotine choke] at 3:12 in round 1. 

Official decision: Justin Montalvo def. Charlie Radtke via TKO at 4:55 in round 2. 

Official decision: Armando Gjetja def. Ray Bohannon via knockout at 0:30 in round 1.

Official decision: Darrius Jackson def. Tyler Randall via submission [heel hook] in 0:37 in round 1.

Official decision: Rebecca Evans def. Dianna Karavas via submission [rear-naked choke] at in round 2. 

Official decision: Dylan Bryson def. Ryan Castro via unanimous decision 


Official decision: Tom Picciano def. Kyle Blair via TKO at 1:15 in round 2. 

Picciano retains his amateur featherweight title.

Official decision: David Wilson def. Niyaz Ahmed via unanimous decision. Wilson becomes the new Triton Fights amateur flyweight champion.

Official decision: John Caldone def. Hunter Chambers via unanimous decision.

Official decision: Pernell Rachel def. Devan Worth via knockout [right hook] at 0:52 in round 1.

Official decision: Mike Robinson def. Joey Deffibaugh via TKO at 0:37 in round 1. 

Official decision: Chris Guariglia def. Alex Tierny via split decision.

Official decision: Alex Asiryan def. Tyler Thomas by submission.

Official decision: Obi Okonkwo def. Jason Downer via TKO at 0:09 in round 1.

Official decision: Rafael Ortiz def. Francisco Garcia via unanimous decision.

Official decision: Kareem Kline def. Arseni Gatsovich via submission [rear-naked choke] at 2:49 in round 1. 

Official decision: Kevin Prevo def. Dowen Pugh via TKO at 0:56 in round 3. 

Official decision: Joshua Abrahams def. John O’Dea via split decision. 

Official decision: Oscar Urizar def. Nick Birchwell via unanimous decision

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