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UFC vet Justin Jaynes looks to finish ‘f—ing weirdo’ Carl Deaton on Feb. 5

Interview with Justin Jaynes above

Justin Jaynes (16-8) discusses his vacant lightweight title against Carl Deaton (15-5) at Total Warrior Combat on Feb. 5. Justin also spoke about being released from the UFC, longtime training partner Kevin Lee leaving Xtreme Couture and why things are personal with Deaton ahead of the matchup.

“We were training partners, we trained together for my Charles Rosa fight. I helped him with his PFL fight. He gets kicked out of the gym and then next thing I know all these Michigan promoters are hitting me up to fight him. I thought this was my boy, obviously he’s not. Told he wants to end my career. This guy is a f—ing weirdo man, he needs to be put in his place. That’s kind of how it came along. He poked the bear enough times. Maybe somewhere in our training he felt he had an edge on me. I’m going to slap Carl Deaton around, especially when we had the same coach. I never saw it coming and the ones you don’t see coming hit you the hardest.”

Fight card:

Christos Piliafas vs. Chris Hicks – 265 lbs
Dequan Townsend vs. P. Pringle III – 185 lbs
Mando Gutierrez vs. Matthew Elliott – 135 lbs
Justin Jaynes vs. Carl Deaton III – 155 lbs
Erick Lozano vs. Muhammad Abdullah – 185 lbs
Vince Murdock vs. Usama Rahman – 135 lbs
Tyler Grimsley vs. Gary Edwards – 170 lbs
Rick Ogden vs. Adam Kehr – 145 lbs
Jacob Scott vs. James Zahran – 145 lbs
Alex Lyons vs. Ethan Pauley – 170 lbs
Keith Schriner vs. Aaron Ward – 135 lbs
Tanner Lauka vs. Blake Sloan – 155 lbs
Brett Bloomburg vs. Joshua Carroll – 185 lbs
Tiffany Woltman vs. Monica Hicks – 115 lbs
Scott McNees vs. Devin Reed – 155 lbs
Isaiah Boyle vs. David Leija – 125 lbs
Omar Zindani vs. Shaqueal Terry – 135 lbs

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