Crypto Wrestling Inu

What is the Crypto Wrestling Inu coin, and how does it help wrestlers

Cryptocurrencies are everywhere now, helping plenty of sectors perform their activities more smoothly. At the same time, using cryptocurrencies offers the opportunity to avoid dealing with official authorities and controlling your own money. Bitcoin, for example, is now the best coin on the market and has helped many people recover financially. Check the BTC price USD to see the latest updates. 

Now cryptocurrencies are entering the wrestling field too. Since Pro wrestler MJF created his own coin, things took a turn. MJF launched his cryptocurrency on the Ethereum blockchain and the Rally sidechain because he believed Bitcoin and Dodge are not made for what the future holds. At the same time, the coin’s platform is eco-friendly, as MJF stated. The creator coin, $MJF and the $RLY token can be converted with $ETH, which can then be swapped into standard cryptocurrency. 

But some wrestlers are not able to have their cryptocurrency or even pay for recovery sessions. Therefore, a new coin was created to help them financially and boost their stage popularity, the Crypto Wrestling Inu.

Crypto Wrestling Inu

What is the Crypto Wrestling Inu?

The Crypto Wrestling Inu is a utility altcoin made especially for wrestlers. The project operates on the Ethereum blockchain, and users get $CWI coins. The platform supports these sportsmen with crypto sponsorships, which can help pay medical bills that are usually outside their contracts since they’re most independent.

At the same time, the network allows for seminars and training assistance with coaches to help wrestlers maintain their shape and be in good health. The developers of Crypto Wrestling Inu also plan to launch an NFT utility platform and staking tools for the coin as well as NFTs.  

The platform has already achieved $20K, has sponsored more than 18 wrestlers and raised more than $5K in charity donations. The Crypto Wrestling Inu has helped some of the following wrestlers:

  • Angelina Love, the Canadian seven-time women’s world champion;
  • Bull James, the American professional wrestler;
  • Tina San Antonio, the TSA professional wrestler;
  • René Duprée, the former two-time GHC Tag Team Champion;


How does Crypto Wrestling Inu Work?

The platform’s donations come from transactional fees. Therefore, each time someone buys, there is a 10% fee, while for selling, the amount is 12% that goes to the marketing wallet. 100% of the rest of the funds go to supporting wrestlers, wrestling based charities and schools.

Crypto Wrestling Inu supports athletes with crypto sponsorships. Both amateur and professional wrestlers can apply to get funding, which means everyone has the chance to continue and improve their careers. Through this network, cryptocurrencies, equipment as well as promotions will be directed to schools and medical facilities.

Why is Crypto Wrestling Inu such a significant movement?

You may see some wrestlers having a lavish life and enjoying their lives. However, not everyone is John Cena or Steve Austin, so indie wrestlers must work their way up to the top cautiously to reach their true potential. One of the most significant downsides of being a pro wrestler is that you don’t have health insurance, which means you either fight so well that you don’t need it or pay the medical bill with your own money.

Being an amateur makes it even more challenging to earn money because besides perfecting your skills, which takes time and investments, you also need to have a unique persona that attracts fans so that people are coming to matches. El Ligero, for example, wasn’t that known until he wrestled almost 3000 times in one after, after which he started to earn good money.

But as the professional wrestling trend is growing, we expect more athletes to tune into this occupation, which means they will need to supplement their activity by making more money. Besides crypto, there are other ways too.

Other ways to make money from wrestling

A wrestler’s biggest benefit is his name and face, and these two elements can make considerable money if adequately advertised. Most of them are making T-shirts with their names, faces, and quotes and are offering autographs next to them. However, here are some ingenious ideas for making money from wrestling as a beginner:

  • Sell stickers with your own unique design. Teenagers especially, but wrestler supporters too, love having different stickers on their clothes, backpacks and phones. This is also one of the easiest and least expensive ways for them to show support;
  • Send personalized videos to loyal fans. If you have a solid social media presence, you can announce you’re doing personalized videos for people who pay a small fee. People will usually ask to wish them a happy birthday or something similar;
  • Create a wrestling camp. Although this requires you to get some funding for the event, the tickets you sell should cover the costs, so you’re left with a profit. But given there are many young wrestlers who need guidance, this will help you considerably;
  • Partner with brands. Again, your social media presence matters. If you’re able to grow your followers and get famous, the brand will reach out for sponsorships. At the same time, you can contact some brands you use for collaboration, such as sneakers companies;
  • Start a YouTube channel. If you’re knowledgeable regarding sports and wrestling in general, you can make your own YouTube channel to tell your experiences, analyze other matches and even show your learning process;


All these tips should help you in the long run, but know that you need to make your voice heard first and ensure you don’t have a bad reputation. Although bad marketing is still marketing, it’s best to be known for your abilities and mental and physical capabilities.


Bottom line

The latest technological development in crypto is helping wrestlers earn more money to contribute to their recovery processes. This cryptocurrency is essential to help sportspeople continue on their path and has already contributed to a few wrestlers’ success. Most of the time, wrestlers lack the funds to take care of their health, so the Crypto Wrestling Inu is a laudable action.


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