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Why Is My Betta Making Bubbles

When betta fish are breeding it looks beautiful, doesn’t it? If a male holds a female and spawns, they are looking for breeding. One of the necessary preparations for breeding is the bubble nest. When you often see this, you may be curious as to know what it is?

Indeed, it’s a spawning bed that piles up the air contained in the mouth and makes it fluffy. But, since it is just a bubble of water, it will collapse if you are not careful.  And if it collapses, spawning will not work. As a result, your betta fish would not be doing successful breeding.  

That’s why the article will introduce the main reasons why betta your betta fish make bubbles and how to encourage your betta fish to build a bubbles nest. So please read this guide continuously and visit our mentioned link to buy cute and attractive colour betta fish for sale.


Why do betta fish make bubbles?

Since male betta fish build the nest, this is the reason betta fish make bubbles regularly in the corner of the aquarium. Most people generally think that making bubbles is a sign of sickness. But it is a totally wrong idea, and  you don’t even need to clean the water.

Essentially, betta fish make bubbles from mucus and air, such as mammals use grass and hair, and birds use twigs. Making bubbles is a natural behaviour of male betta fish. When they are prepared to breed, they have to make bubbles to attract the female betta fish.

By making bubbles, betta fish stick their nests together with a soft patch of calm water. It also sticks to other floating materials of water. It may not be apparent to you when you see it for the first time. Because bubbles are solidified one by one on the water surface. 

However, betta fish constantly make bubbles on a periodic basis because they are frequently lost at certain times. It occurs for the surface in search of air in most cases because the air swallows bubbles.


How to encourage bubble nest building?

Although there is no specific way to encourage your betta fish to build a bubble nest, you can do this by considering several factors. The best way to do this, you need to make a suitable environment in the betta fish tank.  

Initially, you have to make sure that the filter is set to a gentle flow. Even it is highly needed when the filter is flowing over the water surface.  For that, you can use floating fragments, and it can help to build a nest of bubbles underneath.

In the second step, you should make a very warm temperature, which can encourage betta fish to make bubbles. Generally, 78-82 degrees Fahrenheit is a suitable temperature for encouraging betta fish to make bubbles.

After fixing the temperatures, you need to focus on cleaning the water. Because of most cases, it can be seen that very old water is the main reason for losing bubble nests. Keep in mind, and you don’t need to exchange water frequently; it is suitable to change the water at certain times.  

Another trick to encourage male betta fish is the presence of female betta fish. But, all of the methods work perfectly if your male betta fish has stable and good health conditions.

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