Why You Should Include Running in Your MMA Training

Photo by Jonathan Colon of https://skatesphere.com/

Why You Should Include Running in Your MMA Training

Above photo by Jonathan Colon of https://skatesphere.com/

Everybody knows that running is an essential part of every combat sports training. It is a tried and tested method for getting more endurance.
After all, sometimes in fights, the fighter who wins is not the strongest or technical one but the one most conditioned.

This is why cardio work such as running is an extremely important aspect.

In this article, we are going to talk about the benefits of running on the track for MMA and why you should start to run now.

Builds Your Cardio

If you are a combat sports fan then you can give many examples of fights where cardio plays a huge role. There are not many champions in MMA that lack good cardio.

While training and when fighting we want as much energy as we can get. Getting your tracksuit on and building up your cardiovascular system will help your heart and lungs with the tough task of delivering oxygen to your muscles.

Building up your aerobic capacity essentially means that you will have more energy during a fight. Therefore, you can throw more kicks and punches in an extended period of time. Which in some cases is all you need to beat your opponent.

Technique and power are great and you can’t go without it. But keeping an insane pace will make your opponent weaker and will make you quit.
After all, as the famous quote goes “fatigue makes cowards of us all”.

Strengthens Your Legs

Legs are half of our body and as in many sports, we use them a lot in MMA. This is why it is very important that your legs should be strong.
You can lift weights, which is also a great thing to do. However, lifting weights can make your legs stiffer and hinder your mobility.

That’s why running is a good addition to building your leg muscles for the best performance in the cage or in the ring.

Makes You Mentally Stronger

Running in a long-distance can make you not only physically but also mentally stronger.

If you ever fought before then you know that feeling you get when you are completely tired and your opponent keeps coming at you.

It is a terrible feeling. However, the only way to make things better is to improve your cardio and mental toughness.

How you are supposed to do that with running?

By pushing yourself to your limits. When you all of your body wants to stop and rest you push over that mental barrier and keep running. This is what will make you mentally stronger and will prevent you from quitting in a fight.

This is extremely important not only for MMA but also for every martial arts and sports overall.


Running is a vital part of every combat sports training and there is no reason for you to avoid it.

Sadly, there are not many other cardio workouts you can do that can replace running. So if you like running then consider yourself lucky. If you hate it – too bad but you got to do it.

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