WLC 13

WLC 13: Lethwei Showcase Adds Co-Main Event

WLC 13: Lethwei Showcase has found it’s co-main event. The co-main event will feature a middleweight battle between Saensuek and Nico Mendes.

Zay Thiha, WLC chairman, said “Lethwei is poised to blossom as the next major combat sport on the global platform, providing combat sport fans the alternative it craves from boxing and mixed martial arts. This event is a showcase of the best that lethwei has to offer as a world-class sport.”

Nico Mendes is a former IFMA Champion and has won the Golden Fight Tournament. Mendes comes into WLC 13: Lethwei Showcase with wins over Petchmanee at Max Muay Thai and Stephen Primrose in Lion Fight. The Thai boxer is long and keeps his opponents at bay with the reach advantage.

Saensuek hails stright from Pattaya, Thailand. He is a teenage Muay Thai prodigy and trains at the legendary Venum Training Camp. He has over 50 fights, even at a young age, and looks to add lethwei to his resume at WLC 13: Lethwei Showcase.

Building WLC 13: Lethwei Showcase

Last week, we reported that the main event of the next WLC card is a title defense from the light welterweight champion Antonio Faria who takes on Francisco Jose Vinuelas. Faria comes into WLC 13 with the most knockouts in WLC history. Vinuelas has two decades of experience and has fought often in the Chinese kickboxing circuit.

As the card nears, the promotion will add more bouts to the card, building it’s first card outside of the home country of Myanmar. The card takes place in Cambodia and can be watched on September 25th on UFC Fight Pass. The card takes place at 6:30pm in Myanmar time, 5am Pacific Standard Time.

Stay posted to My MMA News for all the latest surrounding WLC 13. We will provide announcements on upcoming fights as they come in. Thanks for reading.

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