Zak Kelly

Zak Kelly Discusses Highly Anticipated Pro Debut

Zak Kelly Discusses Highly Anticipated Pro Debut

Zak Kelly (155lbs) was an extremely popular amateur fighter among the masses in the northeastern region.  It was apparent that Kelly was talented, sometimes completely outshining his opponents in every aspect of mixed martial arts.

Many wondered “When is this dude turning pro?”

His performances inside the cage speak for for themselves as he’s always been feared on the feet with some of the most technical kickboxing in the region, as well as being a severe threat on the ground. Kelly has held multiple amateur belts in multiple combat sports for various promotions. Now, Zak Kelly has done all he feels needs to be done in the amateur rankings and is ready to take the next step. He’s “Crossed his T’s and dotted his I’s” and is ready for the anticipated jump to the professional rankings.

Kelly, being the striking coach for Gracie 717 stormed the amateur rankings and his pro debut is slotted for X Fights 2, June 18th at The Sands Casino in Bethlehem, PA. Tune in below as MyMMANews reporter, Adam Crist goes head to head with long time friend, Zak Kelly about making his highly anticipated professional debut!

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