UFC fighters train very intensely

You must build your stamina to train like a UFC fighter

10 Tips How To Train Like A UFC Fighter

Professional MMA fighters who make it to the UFC undergo years of strenuous training. They move swiftly and flexibly and have professional bodies. Now, you must be intrigued by how these fighters can endure so much and compete with the best in the world. In fact, that’s probably why you’re here!

It’s never too late to learn MMA, and if you start training like a UFC fighter now, you might just enter professional grounds someday too! Here is what you’ll have to do:

Build Your Stamina

Doing well in a fight is more about how long you can endure the struggle instead of how much.

When we think about building stamina, many of our minds go to running for two hours straight or playing a sport for five hours without a break. And if you can do these things, your stamina is probably set. However, this is not how you build up your stamina. 

Stamina is built with the help of interval training. You are required to exercise in intense bursts of energy after a resting period of 30 seconds to a minute. Circuit training is a great way to build stamina which can help you last longer in fights. 

Weight Training Is Essential

Strengthen a different muscle group every day of the week to build muscle and improve your stamina. For example, Monday could be for arms and shoulders, Tuesday for the chest, Wednesday for the back, and Thursday for the legs. You can even discuss with your trainer, improve the regimen, and focus on minor muscle groups. Weight training will help you build endurance and keep your body toned.   

Get The Right Gear

Dedicate yourself to good gear and then stick to it till any professional fight days. This includes the gum shields and the groin guards. 

If you must change your gear during the fight days, you should first break into the gear by training in it for a few days to have the familiarity associated with the gear. Breaking into new equipment on the day of the fight might make you feel a bit unfamiliar and might hinder your performance on the day of the fight. 

Gradually Increase The Intensity

Don’t start off your training with heavy bags and 200-pound weights. Eventually, you will get there if you remain consistent and dedicated to your sport. You can simply start at ten-minute intervals of jumping rope, running, and doing push-ups. When you feel as if the workout is no longer intense for you, you can try increasing the time. 

Starting with extreme workouts from the get-go might put you at risk of injury instead of helping you move forward and increase your endurance. Always know how much your body can handle, and don’t go beyond that. 

Train Your Core

The power you will exert in any fight is almost entirely dependent on your core. Think of your core as the well of power your limbs borrow from when they need to deliver a blow. All professional UFC fighters spend hours working on their core. It is estimated that a UFC fighter can easily do over 300 sit-ups a day. 

And when we think core muscles, our minds immediately go to the abs. There is much more to the core than just your abs. At least 35 muscle groups are present in your core, and working on them will massively improve your endurance and performance. 

Pre-Workout Prep Is Crucial

Most professional fighters take pre-workout drinks before their fights and before their training sessions. These drinks contain vitamins, minerals, glucose, caffeine, protein, and other substances, which help in increasing muscle mass and improving performance.

So do some research and talk to professionals so you can find the best pre-workout drinks. Many of these drinks boast different benefits. Finding one that suits your needs specifically would be ideal for your days in the ring. 

Get A Trainer

It is possible to work out without a trainer, but the dedication you require is multiplied. A trainer does all the mind-work for you. They will help prepare workout regimes and diet plans and figure out exactly what your body needs and how to tackle those needs. 

You can discuss what you are looking for from your MMA training with your trainer, and they will happily offer you their services. You can even work alongside the trainer to create your own regimes, which will immensely help your performance. 

Practice Practice Practice!

Get in the ring and start sparring.

No matter how hard you train, the situation in the ring will always be different from what is outside of it. You may have a lot of stamina, and your body could be in great shape, but if you don’t practice the actual fight, you will not be able to sharpen your reflexes. 

When you fight with people in the ring, you will pick up on patterns, and your reflexes will improve, giving you swiftness and reaction time when the real thing is afoot!

Keep An Eye On Your Diet

Working out is essential for training as a fighter, but your diet is just as important. 

To train like a UFC fighter, you will need to have meals that feature all three food groups: fats, proteins, and carbs. Take in as much organic food as you can. Red meat such as steaks will feature proteins as well as fats, while a side of baked potato could be all the carbs you need.

You can even talk to your trainer or nutritionist about your macros and eat according to those guidelines for optimal performance. 

Stay Hydrated

Many UFC and MMA fighters practice weight-cutting, where they dehydrate themselves to be selected in lower weight categories. This practice could be dangerous since dehydration can cause entirely different problems for you. People often end up in the hospital because of dehydration, and it can massively affect performance.

Remember that water is your best friend, and you need to drink enough to survive the fight!

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