4 Easy Steps to Choosing your BJJ GI

4 Easy Steps to Choosing your BJJ GI

What It Is

(Brazilian jiu-jitsu) Gi basically refers to clothes or more specifically a fighting uniform. A fighting uniform not in the military sense but that it’s a uniform used in certain types of combat like the Brazilian jiu–jitsu which is basically adapted from Japanese judo. It generally comprises a heavy jacket which is traditionally made of cotton,  reinforced with a heavy pair of drawstring trousers and a belt which denotes rank or standing.

Historically, these BJJ Gi outfits were made of heavy duty cotton canvas or denim material reinforced at the knees. Times are changing though and with changing times come changing tastes. Lately, the trend has been one of a move towards lighter weight materials which offer more comfort during warm or hot weather.


  1. Choosing the BJJ Gi

    BJJ Gi outfits are worn by people who are competing in a most physical and vigorous contest. It goes without saying therefore that comfort should be a prime consideration when pondering on the best BJJ Gi outfit to buy. So it is wise to go for materials that do not interfere with breathing and do not accumulate sweat. The material for making Gis is woven in different patterns, single-weave, double-weave, gold-weave and so on. The latter two are not much comfortable but are more durable. When deciding on the best material try to strike a balance.


       2. Strike a Balance

A Gi suit is worn when playing a highly physical close contact game, so strength and durability are prime considerations. Before deciding on the outfit to buy, work on and strike a balance between these two aspects of the suit. Avoid the mistake made by many people equating heaviness of cloth and strength and durability. The two are not  synonymous. In fact, the opposite is often true, that is the lighter materials are more durable and last longer. The thickness of the fabric becomes more of an issue when thwarting an opponent’s maneuvers. For example, the thicker models work in your favour because then an opponent has a hard time trying to grab you. 


      3. Size Does Matter

BJJ GI suits are worn during highly physical close contact contests so the fit of the suit is of vital importance. You do not want a suit that hampers free movement during a tussle. The game is about grabbing, twisting and turning and split second timing. A Gi suit that’s either too tight or too loose  fitting can cost you an otherwise easy game. When deciding on the size select one of optimum size and fit. One that does not hamper your moves and reflexes. Granted, choosing and knowing your perfect size or fit is no easy feat. Just try your best and please do not rush through this decision making process. The manufacturers of Gi suits put such designations as A1, A5 and. A3 on their products which can be a great help when trying to match suit size to your body width, height and shape. It is a good idea to accurately measure your body dimensions and try to get as close a match as possible with those on size charts supplied by manufacturers. 

    4. Consider your Budget

Some Gi suits are expensive, some have prices on the low side and yet others have prices in the intermediate range. A good rule of thumb to use is to go for those priced in the intermediate range. Going for the least priced editions might turn out to be a poor investment because of the inferior quality whilst an expensive one might turn out to be a big waste if it turns out to be the wrong size.

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