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Adrian Yanez talks Randy Costa, biggest fight of his career

Interview with Adrian Yanez above

The fight is only a week away; the fight the social media world has been asking about for months. Adrian Yanez Vs. Randy Costa, Dr. Pepper Vs. Reese’s, call it whatever you’d like but one thing is for certain, it’ll be a fan favorite. Randy Costa is an exciting fighter, just like Yanez, but as was evident in his UFC debut when Joe Rogan thought he was injured, the awkward style of Costa is tough to prepare for.

“The awkwardness will be adjusting on the fly,” Yanez told MyMMANews. “You’ll never have someone to mimic. You try to get someone to mimic it, it’s a detriment, you don’t get the best version of that awkwardness. You have to adapt as the fight goes, in real time you’ll be able to see everything better,” Yanez continued. “He is awkward, he is unique, he is explosive, I like the matchup.”

As previously stated, this fight has been on social media for months. Ever since it was rumored, then possibly set for UFC 262 in Houston which didn’t come to fruition.  Yanez knows this is the biggest fight of his career, not only due to the opponent, but the eyes on this fight.

“Absolutely,” Yanez said on this being the biggest fight of his career. “I feel like every fight I’m going to have in the UFC from here on out is the next biggest fight in my career. Only one way I want to go and that is up, top 15, top 5 and eventually hold a title. That is the mindset I have, every fight I’m having is the biggest fight.”

Watch the full interview with the DR. Pepper loving Adrian Yanez linked above.

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