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Ben Coyle discusses Ramon Neyra and CFS 4: The footwork burns him out

Following a dominant TKO stoppage at Cowboy Fight Series 3, Ben Coyle has momentum swinging his way as he looks to close out the year with another decisive win over another game opponent in front of one of his all time favorite fighters at Cowboy Fight Series 4.

Coyle takes on undefeated submission phenom, Ramon Neyra at Cowboy Fight Series 4. Looking at this bout on paper, you have two finishers in their own right…One who prefers to render you unconscious with an onslaught of strikes, while the other likes to choke you or alter your bodies anatomy in ways it shouldn’t be positioned. That being said, it would be a safe bet to for the judges to take it easy in this spectacular flyweight contest as no one expects this bout to go the distance.

I paid a visit to Coyle at his home base of operations-302 BJJ to discuss his upcoming bout with Neyra to which Coyle shared his view on his CFS4 opponent, Ramon Neyra; “He (Neyra) seems like he has fight IQ from what I’ve seen in his fight but I really don’t care.” Continuing with sharing how he’s approached this training camp with Neyra, “Virtually the same opponent but a better double leg.”

Bringing up the idea of this contest looking like a striker vs grappler, Neyra mentioned in my pre-fight interview with him that he is open to trade with Coyle to which Coyle scoffs at claiming: “He has to say that! He has to say he’s willing to bang with me!” Continuing with, “not that I’m saying he’s not, who knows! But from what I’ve seen…The dude has touch and go like sparring striking”

“What he’s good at is he’s good at getting it to the ground. He’s good at snapping submissions quickly but against who? Coyle rhetorically asks. “He hasn’t fought anybody of my caliber! He hasn’t fought anybody with the striking that I have! Or anybody that brings the fucking mean!” Well known for his pre-fight mental warfare tactics, Coyle knows he brings an essence to the cage that isn’t likely to be mimicked.

“Nobody brings it to the cage like I do. When you see me across the cage you know damn well you’re about to get beat up! And if you don’t get beat up and you don’t lose that fight, you still got beat the f*ck up.”

Closing our chat with a venomously bold prediction: “My plan is to keep it standing. Beat him the f*ck up. Get my f*ckin win!”

Tune in above as Ben Coyle and I have a one on one chat about Cowboy Fight Series 4, how he plans to take out Ramon Neyra, some predictions in other bout on the card and much more!

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