Said Nurmagomedov submits Cody Stamann in just 47 seconds, submissions

Best 3 submissions in the first quarter of 2022

There’s nothing like a submission finish in a Mixed Martial Arts match to demonstrate one fighter’s superiority over the other. Sure, knockouts are quite exciting, but the technicality of finishing someone with a submission sends a different form of excitement down my spine.

In this article, we are going to highlight the best submissions of the first quarter of 2022.


#3  Miles Johns vs. John Castañeda

February 2022 UFC FIGHT NIGHT 200

John Castañeda has had a number of submission wins in his career, and most of these submissions came in the form of the arm triangle choke. In his fight against Miles Johns, Castañeda once again showed his mastery of this specific submission, as he put Johns to sleep.

For his second consecutive fight, Castaneda ingrained his dominance with a finish victory when he defeated Fortis MMA standout Miles Johns via technical submission (arm-triangle choke) at 1:38 of Round 3.

After an uneventful first two rounds, Castaneda picked up the pace in the third round and dictated the whole fight with a well-timed flying knee and a flurry of punches. Johns was hurt with the combination and gassed out during his defense. Castaneda did not slow down. He quickly jumped on his fallen opponent and secured an arm-triangle choke. Johns failed to tap out before unconsciousness set in.


#2 Vanessa Demopoulos vs. Silvana Gómez Juárez

January 2022 UFC 270


What a great comeback for Vanessa Demopoulos after being at the receiving end of a big opening knockdown in the first round from Silvana Gómez Juárez. Demopoulos admitted to being in a moment of trance after the devastating overhand right shot from Gómez Juárez which made her drop on the octagon canvas.

After the two-and-a-half-minute mark, Demopoulos was able to pull through and sweep Gómez Juárez. Demopoulos was able to secure an armbar, which earned her the victory. Truly a heart of a champion and a perfect example of grace under pressure.

Vanessa Demopoulos 


#1 Cody Stamann vs. Said Nurmagomedov

January 2022 UFC 270


It took all of 47 seconds for Said Nurmagomedov to lock in a deep guillotine choke on Cody Stamann. Nurmagomedov’s dominance in every position he was placed in during the 47 second fight highlighted his superior conditioning and technical skills. Nurmagomedov went all out right off the bat, forcing Stamann to try and close the distance with a takedown attempt. Nurmagomedov stayed composed with all the right grips while Stammann attempted to get a single leg takedown. Patiently, Nurmagomedov waited for the perfect timing to throw Stammann in a successful Uchi Mata, making it the beginning of the end for Stammann. After Nurmagomedov’s impressive throw, Stammann attempted to regain composure by attempting a double leg takedown. Nurmagomedov locked in a ninja choke grip during Stammann’s failed attempt to take him down. Nowhere to go, Stamman was thrown with sumi gaeshi, tightening the guillotine choke and marking the end of the fight.

What a time to be alive for the MMA fans all over the world to watch and experience this whole new era of the sport. Enthusiasts can surely emulate these techniques in their gyms with the right MMA protective gears and sparring partners. So keep your gloves up and go train now!


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