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Cody Land on Tommy Strydom question marks ahead of BKFC 33

Cody Land tests skills with Tommy Strydom at BKFC 33 on November 18th. ‘Locked and Loaded’ readies for his third bare-knuckle fight and will knuckle up as well as toe the line at Liberty First Arena in Omaha, Nebraska.

Land appeared on Bowks Talking Bouts and touched on several subjects during our chat. Excerpts from our recent conversation are below.

Cody Land

His thoughts on Strydom making his bare-knuckle debut and what advantage that could give Land

“I think it will help for sure. For me, even just my debut, you know. I’ve gotten in some street fights and stuff like that. But it’s nothing when you’re facing somebody that actually knows how to fight as well. But he’s a… I believe when he was an amateur, he was a Muay Thai champion and stuff. He’s got a lot of stuff under his belt. So I expect him to be composed and not being overwhelmed. BKFC does a good job too of making it such a good show. We’re on pay-per-view and all that stuff. So getting under the lights can be a little hectic if you’re not seasoned with that.”


Preparing for someone who is making their BKFC debut

“Yeah, kind of how we touched that look at this kind of as a new sport. I think with every fight camp, I don’t necessarily look because of it being so different. I don’t necessarily look at like what the opponent is doing unless they have some bare-knuckle fights. But with him being kind of a question mark of how he’s going to show up for a bare knuckle fight, I’m just more… my camp and I are just trying to fine tune. Better my boxing, better my footwork. Work that kind of thing in that standpoint of the camp. Just fine tuning, so to speak.”

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