Dada 5000

SFLC Podcast Episode 93: DADA 5000

This is a MUST LISTEN!

Dhafir Harris AKA DADA 5000 (TheReadDADA5000) is featured in one of the most watched and highest rated documentaries ever on Netflix, “Dawg Fight”, owner and promoter of BYB Extreme Fighting, and a Bellator MMA Heavyweight getting ready for his highly anticipated fight with Kimbo Slice on February 19th at Bellator 149 LIVE from Houston, TX and on Spike TV!

If this isn’t the most real, honest and straight up interview you have ever heard, then it is right up there! Anything you would want to know about Dhafir “DADA 5000” Harris, you will get in this interview.


Click here for a previous article that MyMMANews did reviewing the film “Dawg Fight” and how the beef with Kimbo Slice all came about.

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