Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson proving age is just a number

It took his kid to give him a kick in the right direction, but Dave Nelson has found his way, at age 45, to a healthier lifestyle while rediscovering his passion for Muay Thai.

Nelson is feeling and looking better than he has in a very long time. Down more than 40 pounds, he seems to have found his way to living life doing the things he loves.  Staunchly supported by his wife Cindy, Nelson has taken vacation time from his UPS driving career, to visit Thailand three times to train and take in the culture of the sport that brings out the best in him.

“I train in Muay Thai and I love Thailand.”

Nelson will be competing in two Muay Thai events in the next two months.  The WKA in Newark, Delaware is in less than three weeks out, and in November is the U.S. Muay Thai Open in West Chester, New York.

Jake Skelly and Dave Nelson
Jake Skelly and Dave Nelson

Nelson said that he has competed in numerous “smokers” and is very excited to finally compete in sanctioned events with judges and a real referee.

He was very grateful and complimentary of the many men and women who have come into the gym to help him and he thrives on giving that guidance and experience right back.

The Hands Up fight team is growing and having more and more success. You can find Nelson continually volunteering his time, working corners at events, teaching up amateurs, sparring with anybody that wants to get better.

He’s kicking Father Time’s ass and enjoying every moment of it. I stopped into Hands Up Studios to talk with Dave Nelson.

Please listen in below as you can hear the passion in his voice.

He is truly one of the good guys in the sport. A gentleman who helps make this sport what it has become.


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