"Timing" key for Stephen 'The Predator' Regman's ROC 60 title fight

“Timing” key for Stephen ‘The Predator’ Regman’s ROC 60 title fight

Stephen Regman (6-3) started his professional fighting career in the Ring of Combat cage in September of 2013. After two fights, a win and a loss, he found his way to another successful promotion (CFFC) and went 5-2 under their banner.  Now a free agent and changing camps from Tiger Schulmann to Pellegrino MMA, ‘The Predator’ was looking for another opportunity to display his skills.Ring of Combat 60

The timing played out and brought him back to Louis Neglia and Ring of Combat as the dates of CFFC events clashed with his coach’s wife’s impending pregnancy.  September 15 gave Regman and his coach the time and ability to plan his next move which will be a title shot at ROC, who boasts more than 120 fighters that have gone onto the UFC after fighting inside the Tropicana Showroom.

‘The Predator’ is a long, lanky, 5’11” lightweight, who has developed beautiful striking skills under TSMMA. Regman tells us that Kurt Pelligrino has taken his jiu-jitsu and overall ground game to another level.  He feels that he can win a fight no matter where it goes and is comfortable in all phases of his game.   He’s taken notice to the many local fighters who have recently had the opportunity to fight on Dana White’s new Contender Series and is hoping that winning a belt here, may catapult him into the next level.

“I’ve spoken to Dana White as he was at CFFC filming Looking for a Fight.  I didn’t finish my opponent until the third round and he asked me what took so long? ”

Tune in below to hear Regman’s classic response and why he remains on the radar of the UFC.

Ring of Combat 60 takes place September 15th in the Tropicana Hotel and Casino. Regman will be testing himself versus the 2-1 Anthony Giacchina.  MyMMANews will have live results, photos, and a full recap.



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