EFC MMA – A new champion is crowned, Tim Dooling defeats Dan Powell

EFC MMA – A new champion is crowned, Tim Dooling defeats Dan Powell

The Darwish Brothers brought an epic night of amateur fights to the Parsippany Police Athletic League (PAL) Youth Center, May 10. Seven fights were on the night’s card including the organization’s Junior Middleweight Championship title bout.

Junior Middleweight Title Match (154 lbs)

Tim Dooling (153.5 lbs.) (4-2) (EFC) vs. Dan Powell (153.5 lbs.) (4-0)(AMA Fight Club)

In the evening’s main even Dan Powell defended his super welterweight title against Tim Dooling.

This was the second meeting between Dooling and Powell. The two amateurs first met at EFC 5 in November 2012. Powell defeated Dooling via unanimous decision in that fight. In tonight’s second round Powell is dropped with a left jab and Dooling moves in but uses his head and knows he cannot strike the downed opponent’s head so he stands there and calls him to his feet. Dooling again drops the champion with a leg kick and the referee calls and end to the action.

Tim Dooling defeats Dan Powell via TKO at in Round 2. Dooling is the new EFC MMA Super Welterweight Champion.

Steven Tongur (175.5 lbs.) (1-1) (Lionheart MMA) vs. Erik Witter (175 lbs.) (Trinity MMA)

Tongur is having trouble seeing the left jab from Witter as it hits him flush in the face several times in the opening round. Witter is finding success in the striking although it would appear as if he is taking more damage to the face as his nose is bloodied early on.

In the second round Witter presses Tongur up against the cage and maintains the underhooks but doesn’t do anything with the control. His corner, Andy Main, BJJ Blackbelt, is instructing Witter to make use of his knees but he is not following through. Witter wins the second round but it is nothing to write home about.

Witter is stunned with a hard shot and falls to the canvas early on in the third round. Tongur rushes in but restricts and pulls back his follow up punches as he realizes he cannot strike to the head of a grounded opponent with amateur rules. He gets the back of Witter applies, a rear-naked choke and Witter taps out but before the referee can pull Tongur from his opponent Witter is put to sleep and lay limp on the canvas.

Steven Tongur defeats Erik Wiiter via rear-naked choke submission at 0:25 in the Round 3

Kevin “Mosquito” Gocklin (135 lbs.) (Cruz BJJ) vs. Tommy Espinosa (132 lbs.) (Core MMA)

Former Cage Fury Fighting Championship’s featherweight champion Sean ‘Shorty Rock’ Santella is working the corner of Espinosa but he is having a hard time following guidance being given to him as Gocklin takes him down three times in the opening round. Mosquito has a strong first round and ends in a dominant position.

Gocklin’s friends and family are on their feet supporting their fighter. In a matter of seconds Mosquito stuns Espinosa with a punch, drops him with a kick, and then takes him down for getting back up. Gocklin controls the round and it is apparent that he is up two rounds to none.

Again Gocklin gets a takedown and is able to pass the guard of Espinosa, getting side control, then north-south. A dominant performance Gocklin.

Kevin Gocklin defeats Tommy Espinosa via unanimous decision (30-27, 30-27, 30-27)


Samir Zaimi (161.5 lbs.) (1-0) (EFC) vs. Justin Barowski (161 lbs.) (1-0) (Nick Catone MMA)

Zaimi throws a hard kick to the body of Barowski to get things started but Barowski grabs hold of the foot and lift Zaimi over his head for roughly 10 seconds before Zaimi tries to work in guillotine submission. The choke is ineffective and the two trades jabs before going to the canvas where Barowski looks to tie up the arm of his opponent. The round comes to a close with Barowski in top position.

Barowski gets clipped behind the head with a powerful right that was aimed for the side of his face to start the second round. The two men throw bombs back in forth but the majority miss the mark. Barowski shoots in for a takedown and his kneed on his way in. The shot is still successful and Barowski remains in a dominant position for the remainder of the round.

Barowski catches another kick from Zaimi and slams the fighter to the ground, immediately working in a head and arm choke for the win.

Justin Barowski submits Samir Zaimi at 0:58 in Round 3.

Giancarlos Borletti (176 lbs.) (EFC) vs. Jess Pew (176 lbs.)(Nick Catone MMA)

UFC fighter Nick Catone is working the corner of Jess Pew. Jess Pew works a takedown early in the first round and gets back control of his opponent. Borletti is able to reverse the control and the two fighters work their way back up to their feet before Pew secures another takedown. The two fighters are simultaneously landing strikes to the opposite side of their opponent’s bodies but nothing too effective. The referee stands the two men up and they each land a clear shot to the head, each being wobbled before Pew gets a guillotine submission attempt on Borletti just before the bell.

Pew opens the second round with another takedown and holds Borletti up against the cage. The referee stood the two fighters up quickly in the first round when they were landing body strikes but not the second when no submission attempts or strikes were being landed. Pew laid on top of Borletti the entire second round, playing it smart, earning the points but not doing any damage to his opponent either.

Borletti make use of his legs with a few kicks to start the third round but again Pew gets the fight to the ground, pressing the EFC fighter up against the cage. Borletti did work in a few submission attempts but the fight will ultimately land in the hands of the judges.

Jess Pew defeats Giancarlos Borletti via unanimous decision (29-28, 30-27, 30-27)

Miguel Camacho (145.5 lbs.) (EFC) vs. Carlos Meza (145 lbs) (Infinity MMA)

The second fight of the night, just like the first. If you blinked your eyes, you missed it. Camacho gets a takedown early on but while the two fighters are scrambling for submission control on the ground Camacho is injured, laying on the canvas complaining of pain in his chest and abdomen region. Emergency medical technicians applied a breathing apparatus to the amateur fighter and carried him off on a stretcher. An unfortunate injury that you never want to see any fighter sustain.

Carlos Meza defeated Miguel Camacho at 1:03 of the Round 1. The referee stopped the action due to injury.

Kyle Lynch (147.5 lbs) (Spartan Fitness) vs. Camillus Santiful (147 lbs.) (Strikezone Kickboxing)

Kyle shoots in right away and gets a take down immediately and easily moves into full mount without any contest from Santiful. Santiful didn’t even get a strike in before being submitted via armbar early in the first round.

Kyle Lynch defeats Camillus Santiful via armbar submission at 1:25 in Round 1

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