Julius Francis - KO's unruly man at London Food Court

Former Mike Tyson Opponent – Julius Francis – KO’s unruly man at London Food Court

Julius Francis is a former heavyweight boxing champion, having won the WBO inter-continental heavyweight belt back in 2001.

Over the course of his career, Francis battled it out against some of the best of the era including Mike Tyson, Danny Williams, Oleg Maskaev, and Vitali Klitschko. Following his retirement in 2006, the 23-24-1 boxer is now working as a security officer at the BOXPARX Wembly in London, England.

Yesterday, Francis put his boxing skills to use as an unruly customer began shouting and became aggressive. After being kicked out of the food court area of the venue, the man began pushing security officers, even punching one of them. As he began to walk away, he was met with Francis who landed a slick right hook that put the man the sleep.

Check it out below: 

Following the altercation, the founder and CEO of BOXPARX released a statement backing the actions of Francis, stating “I stand with Julius.”

What do you make of the altercation with Julius Francis ?

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