Georges St-Pierre Returns to the UFC with a Promise to Finish Fights

Georges St-Pierre Returns to the UFC with a Promise to Finish Fights

Georges St-Pierre, the 36-year-old Canadian mixed martial artist has promised his fans that his return to the UFC will be fierce, angrier, and more violent. Years have passed since St-Pierre lost his welterweight title, but he is determined to return to the octagon with the aim of winning more fights and knocking out opponents in the early rounds. The Canadian has been absent for four years and his comeback to the middleweight division begins with a highly anticipated fight against Michael Bisping on Nov. 4 at UFC 217 even as fans monitor their sportsbook odds for UFC fights.

The three-time welterweight titleholder in the UFC expressed his sentiments to Ariel Helwani of the The MMA Hour show, which was hosted on Monday. He said that he has undergone focused and rigorous training while he was away from the limelight and his mission is to hurt his opponents repeatedly and force a finish in the end for back-to-back victories. Georges St-Pierre also added that he will be more opportunistic to push his opponents to submit, tap or take a break as well as timing the right moments to execute a knockout.

The Canadian is already 36, but his age does not hinder him from acknowledging that he did not go for finishes at the closing stages of his reign as the champion of the UFC 170-pound category. It is always typical of most long-term champions to enter the octagon with a defensive mindset, which makes them overthink too much rather than focusing on overpowering their opponents and secure a perfect stoppage or knockout win.

However, St-Pierre believes that some opponents become too rigid and barely open up. Therefore, he aims to focus on his strong moves and tactics and executing them perfectly in such a way they help to overpower their opponents and win the fight. With the winning mentality already embedded in his comeback plan, the Canadian majorly insisted to rely on finishing moves, especially when it comes to fights that he senses his challenger has already given up the fight psychologically.

In a deeper perspective, Georges St-Pierre is hoping to win his comeback debut bout in the UFC against Bisping. He based his reason on the notion that he usually noticed his former opponents accepting defeat even before the fight ended. He added that his opponents were fighting to prevent their bodies from injuries rather than fighting to win the fights. Since he has always focused on winning, which sometimes requires extraordinary belief in himself, he will also avoid exposing himself to dangerous openings.

With a 25-2 record, GSP should not take Bisping’s prowess for granted because he is a fighter who does not break easily or accept defeat prematurely. The Canadian mixed martial artist commended the Englishman for his durability, and even though the fight will be tough, he expressed that his opponent is a worthy adversary due to HIs extraordinary courage. He added that the Englishman is an offensive fighter who rarely backs down, which makes him a mentally strong opponent. Therefore, St-Pierre aims to capitalize on any openings for a chance to finish the fight early enough.

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