Get The Best Private Hire Insurance By Comparing Plans On Total Insurance UK

Get The Best Private Hire Insurance By Comparing Plans On Total Insurance UK

In today’s date, vehicles have become an essential requirement for everyone. Everyone needs a vehicle to cover the distance steadily from youths to working individuals. Car insurance is a financial stability tool for those who own vehicles. This car insurance offers stability to individuals by covering the expenses caused due to any damage by accident or unexpected event. Whether the vehicle is commercial or personal, the vehicle needs to get insurance. There are many insurance options available on the Internet, and you can surf between these options to get the ideal insurance option for yourself.

Generally, commercial vehicles run more than personal cars. Hence, commercial vehicles are more prone to accidents than personal vehicles. There are two types of commercial vehicle insurance. These are mentioned below-

Public Hire Insurance

Generally, public hire vehicles like taxis and cars are classified under this insurance category. The public hire vehicles can be availed directly from the roadside or streets and don’t require any pre-booking or any other thing. You can now initiate a conversation with the public hire vehicle owner for your ride.

Private Hire Insurance

As the name suggests, private hire insurance covers your car from the financial losses or damages caused by accident, fire, theft, etc. However, the car-owners whose taxi or car business works on the pre-booking model are allowed to opt for this insurance. Generally, taxis listed on car-booking applications such as Uber are classified under the private hire insurance category. Private taxis cannot be flagged on streets and roads like public hire vehicles.

Nowadays, private hire vehicles have become more common and widely used by people across the globe. Private taxis have taken the place of typical taxis and cars, available on roads and streets.

Private Hire Vs. Public Hire Insurance Price Comparison

Generally, the cost of affording public hire vehicles is higher than affording a private hire vehicle. Likewise, the insurance price of public hire vehicles is more when compared with private hire vehicles. Their high insurance cost is that public hire vehicles are available on streets and roads and can be availed directly. Thus, these vehicles operate on busier routes in the city.  While serving on busier routes of the city, there is a high chance of getting involved in an accident.

Moreover, the public hires drivers to carry a money bag/purse with them for collecting money. Unlike private hire drivers, most public hire drivers opt for offline transaction methods. Hence there is a chance that their money bag might get stolen or their vehicle might get targeted.

How To Avail Private Hire Insurance

Most people know about opting for general insurance for themselves. Private hire insurance is simple to understand and avail of, like general insurance policies. However, you can get connected with total insurance to get the best expert advice. You can fill out their form or directly reach them through call, forgetting their expert’s opinion.

About Total Insurance UK

Total insurance UK is a UK-based insurance firm that offers insurance comparison policies to its users. The links their users with competitive brokers across the world so that user can enjoy every benefit without doing the hard work.  In 2014, they launched their services and aimed to offer their customers the proper insurance policy knowledge. Moreover, they provide a personal approach to their users to find your best insurance requirements in detail.

They have started their company with a specialization in legal motor insurance. However,  they have grown up and advanced their services in various regions with time. They offer insurance comparison and advice on a wide range of insurances. Some of them are mentioned below-

  • Motor Trade Insurance
  • Courier Insurance
  • Taxi Insurance
  • HGV Insurance
  • Business Insurance
  • Private Taxi Insurance
  • Builder Insurance

Tips For Getting Private Hire Insurance at An Affordable Price

The individuals hiring private taxis and cars can easily avail of private hire insurance through the Internet and other means. However, gaining private hire insurance cheaply is not easy at all. Because taxi drivers ride their taxis for miles to complete the ride, the insurance plan’s premium can go higher. However, by doing a few things, you can reduce the overall price of the premium. Some of the effective ways are described below-

Stay Away From Convictions

This seems obvious for the people who own a vehicle. However, most taxi drivers ignored this and landed up racking penalty points for themselves. It is advisable by experts that the taxi drivers should avoid these penalty points, as it can help them in lowering their premium cost.

Avoid Immediate Claims

The private hire insurance plan is designed to cover the damage to the vehicle from accidents, fire etc. However, frequent insurance claims can’t help you lower the overall cost of your insurance. If a driver has a good claim, i.e. minimum insurance claims, they can avail of the insurance plan at a lower price.

Choose A Value-To-Money Vehicle

Choosing a cheap or expensive vehicle isn’t always a smart move for the drivers. A driver should always go with a sensibly priced vehicle and be valued for money. By going with a sensibly priced vehicle, drivers can enjoy the maximum benefits of the premium without paying anything extra for it.

Compare Different Plans

Everything starting from small-size goods to large-based services is offered on the Internet in this era. The users who need to opt for an insurance plan can review different available plans on the Internet.  Many individuals overlook the comparison of the insurance process. The experts advise that you can compare different policies offered by different companies. By comparison, you can get to know about the insurance plan in-depth, which will help you go with a better plan.


Comparing different available insurance plans available on the Internet is the best method for finding the ideal insurance plan for yourself. For a detailed comparison of other plans, you can redirect to Total Insurance UK, the best place for insurance comparison. They have been offering insurance comparison tools and services since 2014 and cover a wide range of insurance types. You can have a look at their website to learn more.


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