Getting to Know the Cast of Split Decision MMA Podcast

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The show is called the “Split Decision MMA Podcast,” and the topics may vary from popular news in the sport that particular week to upcoming fights, reviews of previous cards, fighter interviews, predictions, and more.

But just who are the voices behind the scenes? They are Joey Bueller, Brandon Doge, and Dennis Ruloph, the show’s producer. The guy’s record every Friday afternoon from Ruloph’s home in a studio built specifically for the podcast.

We recently caught up with them to find out how this popular MMA podcast is picking up speed and recognition. – Who are you guys and how did you get involved in Split Decision MMA?

Joey Bueller – “I started doing this with a close friend and fellow MMA enthusiast and my then wife (and BJJ black belt) back in 2009. Scheduling conflicts forced me to go alone after half a year and I was losing interest and it was becoming a burden until I met Dodge. Our mutual love for MMA re-inspired me and I invited him on the show. He basically became a staple immediately and we’ve been at it ever since.”

Brandon Dodge – “I met Joey back in 2010. I was working at a bar at the time that showed the UFC pay-per-views. We did a promotion with the radio station that Bueller worked at. We started talking about our mutual love for MMA and became quick friends. He then invited me to be a guest on the podcast. I did one show with him and afterwards he called me back to ask if I would be a regular contributor, and has been stuck with me ever since”

“Sometimes his musically gifted brother Josh A.K.A. “Beanie Beardy Guy” likes to sit in and help with sound engineering,” Dodge said. “Plus our good friend Albert who eats cheeseburgers.”

split2 – How do you choose which topics you will talk about?

Dodge – As avid fans we are constantly reading MMA news from various sites like, MMA Junkie, or the UG. Plus we watch all the fights on TV or online so most of the shows revolve around headlines and current fights. Things MMA fans are already talking about in their own circles, we just have those same discussions but with microphones.”

Joey – “^ This is bullshit. I have two kids and work super early. Plus I’m very lazy. Dodge literally does all the research and should get all the credit for that. I’m just a mouthpiece with broadcasting experience and a sick sense of humor.” – You have interviewed some pretty big name fighters, how are you able to get them to commit? 

Joey – “Thankfully because of my radio connections. I get to interview fighters for the radio show and we are able to also use this for the podcast.” – What was one of the most memorable things that happened on the show? 

Joey – “We were supposed to interview Nate Diaz but he went AWOL. So we waited and waited until I finally did an impersonation of him in a mock interview. The marketing company was still on the line and heard the whole thing and thought it was hilarious.”

“Or the time Michael McDonald showed up for an in studio interview with the Fox film crew and we made it on TV. That was weird.”

Split Decision MMA Podcast hosts Bueller and Dodge with Michael "Mayday" McDonald
Split Decision MMA Podcast hosts Bueller and Dodge with Michael “Mayday” McDonald

Dodge – “Talking to Kenny Garner, M1 fighter and champion was entertaining, especially when he called us back from his cell phone wanting a copy of the show. And anytime we interview Donald Cerrone, the interviews go off the rails.” – How many listeners are you averaging?

Dodge – “7 I think. Maybe more.” (joke) – Where does someone go (besides or to listen to your shows?

Dodge – -“You can subscribe to us on iTunes and it will automatically download the newest shows as soon as we release them. Or find us on Soundcloud or Spreaker.”

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