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Guide To Get Best International News

There are reporters for the major national and ข่าวต่างประเทศ agencies all throughout the globe. These organizations will likely have a local stringer they can contact for big stories even if they don’t have a full-time journalist on the ground.

Lower national news organizations, regional and metropolitan publications, and nations with a smaller population are not likely to have such agreements in place. These smaller companies accept major news items from the wire services, WTN, or CNN, but they particularly like “local” tales that the larger organizations are unlikely to cover.

There are several benefits to obtaining foreign news magazines. Following are the top three:

To stay connected to the world

More than ever, the contemporary world is interconnected and connectable. You may instantly get whatever information you need online with only a few keystrokes. Delivering responses to posed questions is often a priority for print and digital news organizations.

Global newspapers are, in this sense, the best source for staying current with world events. Reading ข่าวต่างประเทศ sources is a great approach to developing your ability to connect, comprehend, and effectively interact with individuals from other cultural backgrounds.

You may have a better understanding of the facts and viewpoints supporting the prevalent beliefs in a nation by reading the top newspapers from that nation.

Your global curiosity and access to knowledge make you a more informed global citizen who is prepared to discuss a wide variety of topics with a sophisticated understanding.

To comprehend the connecting issue

Political, social, or economic developments in one nation often result in changes in another in today’s interconnected globe.

However, if you just read news from domestic sources, this cascading impact may go unnoticed. Purchasing international newspapers enables you to follow how actions and events in one country affect other nations.

Foreign elections, trade agreements, monetary policies, rising technologies, humanitarian crises, and other challenges are examples of intersectional global issues with global repercussions. International papers can help you understand their causes and effects.

To emerge from your bubble.

Today’s news is becoming more divisive. Particularly in a world that is dominated by digital where media companies compete for clicks and subscriptions, opinions are packaged and presented in a manner that is intended to grab attention and generate interaction.

You may acquire direct access to events taking place outside of your local surroundings by reading foreign publications like newspapers. You’ll get a deeper awareness of important, global concerns as well as knowledge of subjects and events you would not have otherwise known.

This is a strong skill set, but acquiring it in the current political climate appears to be becoming harder and harder. Thankfully, many of the most prestigious publications published worldwide are accessible in English or have English versions.

When residing in a nation far from home or one where there are few news channels in their original language, news reporting may not be a profession that many freelance writers ever contemplate. But for just that reason, doing freelance news reporting in such circumstances may be a valuable source of revenue.

The Local Aspect of Global News

Local and regional news are often covered by local and regional media. Unless their primary audience is directly impacted by the story, they may mention a significant incident, like an earthquake, someplace in the globe, but they will quickly return to local news.

But in every big ข่าวต่างประเทศ event, some don’t deserve to be in the limelight on a global scale because they aren’t senior or well-known enough. However, local, regional, or state media outlets would want to publish a story about a local participant in a global event.

Consider the most recent earthquake in Turkey. Numerous organizations sent large numbers of journalists to the area, but I was able to sell a story on a specific Dog Rescue squad to a local UK newspaper since the crew was from the paper’s readership area.

Disasters may not need to be major news occurrences. Even though trade delegates, governmental delegations, exchange programs, and sporting events might get national headlines, the individual members of these groups often hail from rural areas back home, which can result in local news stories.

Local News and International Events

The main reason why regional and local news agencies are still in operation is that not all news stories qualify for national coverage.

The target consumers for these media channels want to read or watch tales about individuals who are similar to them or who have a direct impact on them. Finding anecdotes about people your audience members went to school with, who attended the nearby institution, or who were born or lived in the region is important if you’re an international author pitching to this market.

Your news comes from the ex-pat community, which includes your spouse, kids, charity workers, businesspeople, and teachers. You can sell an article if you can come up with a good hook and tale. I was recently advised by a news editor of a local daily newspaper that she would accept “anything you can offer with a local interest.” For instance:

  • Did the article’s subject recently reside in the market region you are aiming for?
  • Has the subject any relatives there?
  • Has the subject’s business or group had connections to the area?
  • Is the audience immediately impacted by the news story? (For instance, are you covering a business that is comparable to the biggest local employment in the area?)

Making a Call to the News Source

You should be able to get your topic to assist you to get in touch with their local news source. At the very least, s/he needs to be able to provide you with the name of the news source and, ideally, a phone number. Otherwise, you will need to look through the directories of print and online news sources.

The easiest way to contact news organizations is over the phone directly. News editors are used to moving swiftly and making choices based on phoned-in sources since breaking news is by definition time-sensitive. Unless your source has supplied you with a particular editorial contact, call the switchboard and ask for the News Editor.

Before you meet with the news editor, have your speech prepared. I found the following strategy to be beneficial:

  • Identify yourself as a freelance writer or journalist and provide your name and location.
  • Your tale should be able to be summarized in two or three sentences.

Having data on hand will help you persuade the editor that the article will interest their readers. The school your source attended, the neighbourhood in which his or her mother resides, a comment from the current mayor who is acquainted with your source, or a well-known local figure your source is linked to are all examples of local interest information.

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