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How to Cycle Anavar Canada With The Best Results — Guide

What is Anavar


Athletes are often looking for a soft and reliable way to increase their muscle mass through pharmacological agents without harming their health. For these purposes, they can choose Anavar Canada. What is Anavar? Anavar is a laboratory synthesized anabolic androgenic steroid, the analog of the hormone testosterone. It was first synthesized by Raphael Pappo. Anavar entered the market in 1964. The active ingredient is Oxandrolone. Oxandrolone is testosterone that has an extra hydrogen atom in its molecule. The drug was prescribed for HIV and AIDS complex treatment. Doctors used it to treat burns and anemia, Turner syndrome, alcoholic hepatitis, it was also used to strengthen the bone apparatus in osteoporosis. It has been used to reduce protein catabolism. After appearing on the market, it attracted the attention of athletes due to its anabolic effects. In 1989, Oxandrolone was discontinued. This was partly due to the fact that Anavar was abused by the athletes. However, in 1995, the drug reappeared on the market.


A brief description of Anavar Canada


  • 350-600% anabolic effects, 25-30% androgenic effects compared to testosterone
  • almost does not convert to estrogen (due to the low percentage of androgenic effects)
  • does not increase the level of liver enzymes in the blood, since it is almost non-toxic to the liver
  • take orally


Main effects: dry muscle mass, weight gain, decrease in adipose tissue, increase in growth hormone, improvement of the immune system, increase in strength, increase in the absorption of nutrients.


Side effects: nausea, abdominal pain, headache, slight suppression of endogenous testosterone.


Anavar benefits


Anavar helps build lean muscles. This is because Anavar does not cause fluid retention in body tissues.

It can significantly increase your strength and endurance by increasing the synthesis of creatine phosphate, which will allow you to achieve more efficiently and achieve better results.

Your motivation rises on the Anavar cycle and you feel energized.

You will be able to burn fat much faster.

Anavar strengthens bones and accelerates the regeneration of damaged tissues. Therefore, you can increase your training frequency. It also activates growth hormone synthesis.

The intestines absorb more nutrients.

Anavar is often used by girls since it does not lead to virilization.

The drug is not toxic to the liver and has almost no side effects (of course, if you take it correctly and in accordance with the recommendations).


Anavar Cycle


Anavar cycle is about 12 weeks. You should not take Anavar for longer as this increases the risk of side effects. You need to break the daily dose of Anavar into 2-3 doses to balance the hormones. The drug is recommended to be taken after meals to avoid digestive problems.


Dosage for women: 10-20 mg/day (a low dosage will help you to avoid the side effects associated with virilization and amenorrhea)

Dosage for beginners: 20-30 mg / day

Average dosage: 30-50mg / day

Advanced dosage: 50-60mg / day

Dosage for pro athletes: 60-100 mg/day (however, it is best not to take more than 80mg)


Anavar PCT


The main goal of PCT is to kick-start your endogenous testosterone production, which can decrease during your cycle. You need PCT to keep your testosterone at normal levels, so your body can function properly. It also helps to consolidate the results you achieved during the cycle. Like any other steroid, Anavar lowers your endogenous testosterone levels, so you need PCT, even if it was an Anavar-only cycle. Although if this is an Anavar-only cycle, then you can wait 1-4 months until your endogenous testosterone rises itself. However, the PCT option is more preferable. We recommend that you take Nolvadex 20mg / day for 2 weeks.


Start PCT 2-3 days after the last Anavar pill.


If you have used other steroids with Anavar:

HCG – 2000 IU / 20 days (take every other day)

Nolvadex – 20mg / 45 days

Clomid – 50mg / 30 days



PCT (Nolvadex) for women:

1 week – 20mg / day

2 week – 15mg / day

3 week – 10mg / day

4 week – 5mg / day


Doses of Nolvadex and Clomid break in equal 2 parts.


Anavar Testosterone Base


The Anavar-only cycle is not suitable for those who looking to significantly increase in muscle mass. It is more suitable for people preparing for the swimsuit season. Or for athletes who want ro get dry, lean muscle mass. Muscle gain on Anavar averages 5-10 pounds. If you are looking for more powerful anabolic effects, then you should use Testosterone Base.

Anavar, like other oral steroids, should be taken with a Testosterone base. In this case, the daily dosage of Anavar should not exceed 30-40 mg. This will help you to avoid side effects.


Anavar works great in synergy with:











Anavar is not the cheapest anabolic steroid, however, it is one of the mildest. This drug has almost no side effects. Even women can use it, due to the fact that it will not lead to virilization. During your Anavar cycle, you are unlikely to experience acne or hair loss, it is also not toxic to your liver. Yes, your muscles will not grow as fast as with Dianabol, but Anavar is safer and more convenient to use.


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