An introduction to betting on UFC

An introduction to betting on UFC

The UFC’s exponential growth has been well-documented as it continues to win fans from across the globe. With this growth has inevitably developed a bigger interest in betting on the sport, with fans wanting to put their knowledge to the test by wagering on fights. Betting responsibly should of course always be your priority, but if this is the case then there’s no reason why betting on UFC won’t further enhance your enjoyment of it.

With multiple weight divisions, getting to know the established and up-and-coming fighters in each division is crucial, if you’re already clued up then you can use this to your advantage. With there being a variety fights on every fight-night, some fans enjoy having bets across multiple fights or placing singles on individual bouts to add to the excitement of a fight-night.

Researching prior to betting is crucial and using tipster sites such as Team FA can help massively. They offer regular MMA betting tips and event previews, including suggested bets such as accumulators, popular request-a-bets, trebles and also singles. We’ve put together some tips on what to look out for when betting on the UFC:

Outright Winner
Also known as money-line in America, you can pick which fighter you believe will win, these prices can often be short however but can combined into a multiple bet such as a double, treble or accumulator. It’s usually worth looking for enhanced prices or price boosts if you’re seeking to back an outright winner of a fight purely as a single, as some bookmakers will run special promotions for the biggest fights.

Method of Victory
A favorite of UFC fanatics as this type of market requires you to really know your stuff. You can choose between knock-out, technical knock-out, submission or decision. Things worth considering when looking at these markets are individual fighter’s records with the aforementioned methods, how do they usually win or lose. These markets can often be combined with what round you believe the fight will end in, to boost the price of your bet.

Round Betting
If you find that a fight is too hard to call, or that the favourite is too short in price, you may prefer betting on rounds. You can choose which round you think the fight will end in or go for over/under a certain number of rounds, you can also do this across multiple fights to form a multiple-style bet.

Shop around for the best odds
Pretty much all major UK bookmakers now provide the means to bet on UFC. With that being said, not all will offer the same markets, and of course, prices may differ from one bookmaker to the next. And so, it’s well worth taking a look at multiple sites before placing your bet, to ensure you have the best available price, and also to take advantage of any promotions such as offers or enhanced prices.