UFC 4 game

Is the new UFC 4 game better than its predecessor UFC 3?

With the fourth release in six years from EA when it comes to their UFC series, they have gradually got better and seen improvements in each new game but today we are here to see if that is the case with the latest edition UFC 4 with it being released just last week. It has received a lot of good reviews, but we delve into that a little deeper to see if other views are right.

One of the new features in the in-game fighting is the new grapplle feature that they have brought in; a feature in which has simplified the game play to ensure that you are still getting the complex multi-skilled fighting of MMA but still simple enough for new comers to be able to pick up quickly. Instead of having to configure a way of grappling out of grapples by aligning your consoles like on previous UFC’s, all you have to do now is pull away from the grapple and you are back standing; a feature we very much like.

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The final part of the game that they’ve clearly been working on is the career mode which this year feels more interactive and they’ve actually dug deeper into what it actually takes to be the greatest. Right from the start when you initially create your character where you get beaten to a pulp, all the way to claiming the legendary ‘Greatest of All Time’ status once all missions and training is completed.

All in all, we can see why the reviews have been so good due to the level of detail they have put into the game this year – in fact we’d go as far to say it is up there with one of the best UFC if not the best, a must buy game.

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