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Jesse Arnett on Taura MMA 11: “The most important fight I’ll ever have”

Jesse Arnett will take on Pedro Souza at Taura MMA 11. It goes Friday, October 30th at Silver Spurs Arena in Kissimmee, Florida. The televised broadcast goes on FOX Deportes and via PPV on Combate in Brazil.

Both pugilists have 16 pro victories but only one can emerge from Friday night with their 17th win. I spoke with Big Cat as he readies to lock horns with Souza.

Getting this bout offer on short notice

“It’s funny you say that. I think that’s one of my best weapons. I like to come prepared and put a nice good camp in. You also mentioned I did have the grappling contest, a month and a bit ago there now. I wasn’t completely out of the gym but by no means did I get a training camp for this. We pretty much got the contract four days ago, I found out about it seven days ago, and I’ve been working a lot the last month… I went to Bowmont boxing and I boxed Devin Reti, six rounds. Put an ok pace together and wasn’t dead after, you know.”

The pre-fight work of Jesse Arnett

“I’ve been doing my Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and my MMA training at Avalanca right now. And Bowmont Boxing. Like I mentioned I didn’t get much of a camp…I just fine-tuned things a little differently.”

Jesse Arnett

MTK Global representation

“MTK (Global) they’re pretty reputable and then that Muhammad guy got a hold of me and then they liked me and then bam. I guess his job was to find a fight for Pedro Souza for Taura. That’s what was available short notice. They wanted to like show that we had someone right away because this guy had to get someone for Pedro. Then Pedro took like six-seven hours to get back to us they liked it. Ultimately, they’re bringing me in to lose to him but they don’t know who I am. You know what I mean?”

Thoughts on his opponent and the card overall

“I’m not fighting cab drivers either. On paper, it looks like we have similar experiences. But I fought night and day the harder competition. Because I’m 13 wins and two losses in my last fifteen. Both those guys are fighting in Bellator and UFC, and doing well. So I know I still got a good chance at this. I think with another win here, I got a chance at a big show with the guys I’m dealing with now at MTK Global. And also this card is stacked, man. This is the first time I’ll be the first fight of the night. Big foot’s on the card.”

“It’s one of the first shows back in Florida with a crowd allowed. So with American Top Team and all that stuff, I bet there will be some cool fighters around and people will be out watching that.”

Taura MMA 11

Taura MMA one fight deal and why this is the most important fight of his career

“At this point, it’s one…I’m taking this kid out. This is life or death for me because I know what’s on the other side. Because I’m on top now. These guys can get me what I need. I just got to get a win. I mean, this will be the closest I’ll ever be. This is the most important fight I’ll ever have. And the circumstances that I am dealt right now with it being short notice…It’s nice because even when you go back and you spar and you’re a little bit out of shape, the more experience you get you like that feeling a little bit.”

Having management for the first time in a while

“I didn’t have any management forever because I was just like whatever, fuck who needs management? I got held back in my contract with (Stephane) Patry and the First Round guys were pissed because it was the second time I wasn’t let out. They left me there. I wasn’t managed since First Round. So it’s nice now to have these guys on my side.”

Arnett vs Souza

Who’s in his corner for Taura MMA 11 and how he assesses this competition

“It’s kind of a big show feel for us. It’s just like literally me, my girlfriend, and Curtis Demarce are going down like three people that’s it. I can have only one person corner me.”

“I have to make the best of this. Think I can finish this kid, I’ve got to be smart, but I know I win the fight.”

Parting thoughts for Jesse Arnett

“Thank those guys at MTK Global, my management.”

**Arnett also made a point in the interview to shout out Jared Revel; a Canadian combat compatriot from the prior Taura MMA show

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