Jesse Ronson

Jesse Ronson “Looking for Bellator or BKFC”

Jesse Ronson finished Nordin Asrih by way of first round rear naked choke at BTC 18 on December 10th.

Ronson spoke with me shortly after his main event win and discussed future goals. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Jesse Ronson

Feelings after this main event win to close out 2022

“I feel pretty good. I took him lightly when I first started. Definitely wanted that one-punch walk-off shot too much and I was forcing a lot of things till I learned to calm down and relax. My coaches just telling me you know what to do, you’ve done this, believe in your skill… People were asking me how do you defend an armbar like that? Literally Jesse Gough my jiu-jitsu coach right here goes believe in your skill. I gave you a black belt, I know you know how to get out of this.”

“You don’t need to coach me through it. It was a good fight. I appreciate all my coaches because they believe in my confidence and my skills. So that makes me more confident.”

BTC 18

Fighting Asrih in the same space where Ronson had the bulk of his training camp

“It was like getting up from my bed and walking into my own kitchen. This is my fuckin kitchen. I know where everything is, I know where the high spots, the low spots. I know where it’s slippery. I know exactly what I need. Knew exactly how it felt, I was just ultra comfortable in here. That’s why I was like this is not, it didn’t even matter if that was Khabib Nurmagomedov, I would’ve had a level of comfortability in there because I’ve been here so many times.”

“I’ve made this walk every Saturday to spar. So yeah, it’s just muscle memory now, it just felt good. But nothing beats an arena; being in the dungeon of an arena. That roar, you can feel it deep in your belly. Oh, it’s nice.”

Parting thoughts for Jesse Ronson

“Look for ‘The Bodysnatcher’ in the future. I’m looking for Bare Knuckle Fighting Championships or Bellator. If the UFC wants me, they better offer me something better than an entry-level contract because I’ve already done that twice. If anybody else wants me like Shane Campbell… you guys better pull out your fucking wallets.”

“Because I’m not fighting for anything less than what I made tonight and they actually paid me pretty fucking good tonight. Especially with the dollar exchange. Yeah, so if anybody locally wants me, get off your fucking wallets. Other than that I’m looking for Bellator or BKFC.”

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