Joe Elmore

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Joe Elmore on Connor Tierney “His hype is going to be used against him”

Joe Elmore test skills with Connor Tierney at BKFC 27 on August 20th in London, England.

Elmore returned to Bowks Talking Bouts and covered several subjects before this fight. Excerpts from our chat are below.

Joe Elmore

Thoughts on Connor Tierney and this upcoming BKFC 27 bout in London

“He’s really an amazing, interesting character. I really like him. I’m a fan outside of having to fight him and wanting to beat his ass this time because of what we have to do and the title only. I think that his hype is going to be used against him almost. I’ve been through everything. Look at what Tom Shoaff did to me. He’s got amazing boxing, great footwork, there may be a little bit of one or two-inch range difference with Connor Tierney. I’m sure that Tom is more powerful even with the build. I’ve seen the way he hits.”

Joe Elmore continued, “I think Connor’s going to go out there and underestimate me. That experience is just going to play right through because he’s not going to break me down. When I’m looking him straight in his face bloody or untouched or whatever the scenario is, I’m going to be prepared for it and it’s going to get in his head. When I hit him, I promise you I’ll know what he thinks. I’ve looked at everybody he’s ever fought. He ain’t ever been hit near as hard as I’m going to hit him.”

Returning from lengthy competitive hiatus and coming back from that injury for BKFC London

“I’m going for the world title. So like I said I quit drinking alcohol.  Even for fun and just silly stuff, maybe one drink or something with a family member. I got to a point now where I’m eating a vegan diet, organic foods, and protein shakes. I’m treating myself like a champion because I want that 165-pound world title more than anything. That title is a certified degree.”

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