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Juan Adams discusses fight with Greg Hardy: “I’m training with a little more hatred for this one”

Juan Adams has called for the name Greg Hardy and although his last fight didn’t go his way, Adams has gotten his wish.  The two heavyweights are scheduled to meet at UFC San Antonio on July 20, later this summer. In an interview with MyMMANews, Adams discussed why he feels like Greg Hardy is the perfect opponent for him coming off a loss, why he has such hatred for Hardy, and more.

Coming off a disappointing result to Arjan Singh Bhullar in May, Adams believes that Greg Hardy is the perfect opponent for him to bounce back.

“Yeah he’s the perfect opponent for me, I really don’t like this man, I’ve said it before, I feel before my last fight I was already light years ahead of him but now, I’m training harder, training with a little extra hatred in my heart. This is perfect for me, I’m excited.”

Prior to his official UFC debut last December, Adams was calling for Greg Hardy as a future opponent and went as far to say as he wouldn’t take care of him quickly, rather he’d like to beat him late in the fight to prove a point. When asked if that is still his mindset and gameplan ahead of this fight, Juan Adams said nothing has changed.

“Yeah it is, I’ve said it before in another interview, I want to beat his ass so badly his descendants get made fun of for it.”

From his days in the NFL, Greg Hardy has a story that many know, and in the eyes of Juan Adams, the hatred boils down to how he was given a second opportunity in the UFC after messing up his NFL career, and how the UFC has marketed and built him up.

“I don’t like the way he was introduced. I don’t like the way people try to market him as being so great. It goes back to when we were both amateurs, right when I made my amateur debut, he had said he was going to start fighting. Everyone that I fought as an amateur had the aspiration of going pro. They wanted to be in the UFC and I crushed their dream cause I beat them so badly as an amateur. He fought cans. Then as a pro, his best professional opponent was his first one, Austen Lane who hasn’t won since. On top of that, his opponents have gotten worse. They call it building a star? It’s ridiculous.

On top of all that, the fact that he makes what he does after pissing away and squandering so many opportunities by making the wrong decision. My entire life I’ve tried to do the right thing and for him, you know, multiple arrests, getting kicked out of the NFL. Do you know how bad you have to screw up to be kicked out of the NFL? There’s more to the story there, people are trying to gloss over it and say he’s a changed man, he deserves a second chance. He’s had a second chance, he’s had a third chance, and he’s pissed them all way.”

The hatred for his opponent is real and when Juan Adams takes on Greg Hardy in San Antonio on July 20, he looks to show that he is the superior fighter. He asked for this fight with this opponent, he got his request, and now Juan Adams is locked in on proving that he asked for this fight for a reason.

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