Julia Hart talks being the newest addition to the House of Black

Julia Hart talks being the newest addition to the House of Black

Julia Hart is the newest addition to the House of Black and explains why she’s so happy to be amongst the super talented faction.

She talks about her pitch to join, her slow transformation, and finding her place in their spooky entrance. She tells the story of the black mist and the havoc it wrecked on her old Varsity Blonds jacket, what it was like to blow it in Pac’s face, and how she managed to wrestle Jade while wearing an eye patch.

Julia talks about her vignette with Miro, which AEW female talent she’d love to add to the faction, and whether her pet python might someday make an in-ring appearance (watch the video episode on YouTube to see her snake). Julia also speaks to training with QT Marshall, signing with AEW, her first conversation with Tony Khan, her run with the Varsity Blonds, and what she’s learned from Jerry Lynn and Jake The Snake Roberts.

Plus, Julia dishes on her love of 80s hair metal, the Guitar Hero video game, and the ukulele. And listen closely because Julia shares a huge, exciting personal life announcement during the course of the podcast!


On joining the House of Black:
“Now I want to watch myself cause I think I’m cool now so it’s like, ‘Oh, I look cool there! I look scary! Heck yeah!’”

On her relationship with Brody King:
“Me and Brody are pretty close. I always call him my wrestling dad because he’s always making sure I’m ok.”


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