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McGregor Forever Review

McGregor Forever has been taking Netflix storm since it was released last week.

The four-part documentary takes fans throughout the life of Conor McGregor during the course of his last four fights.

The series has been getting great reviews from fans and after recent binge watch, here’s a breakdown and review of the documentary.

The review can also be seen in the video above.

Episode 1: Bad Blood (55 minutes)

This maybe the best episode in the documentary has it takes you through McGregor’s rivalry with Khabib Nurmagomedov.

The episode covers the lead up to the fight with the bus incident, McGregor’s court hearing, his training for the fight, and his broken toe in training camp.

The best part of the episode comes after McGregor’s loss as it shows his raw emotions post fight and McGregor doing community service as apart of his sentencing for the famous bus incident in Brooklyn.

Episode 2: As Real as it Gets (49 minutes)

If you questioned McGregor’s love for the sport of mixed martial arts you get your answer in this episode.

McGregor returns to the octagon to face Donald Cerrone and instead of a heated lead up to a fight, McGregor shifts gears back to the reason why he got into the sport, which was his love for fighting.

In the lead up to the fight, McGregor speaks to the youth of Ireland by being an inspiration in their very young martial arts careers.

Eventually, you see McGregor’s first round win over Cowboy and the thrills of victory.

Episode 3: Insane to this Game (47 minutes)

A bit of a different start to the episode as it discusses McGregor’s retirement.

Obviously, he didn’t retire, but a lot of shade was thrown at the UFC in this episode for not booking McGregor for a fight quickly after his Cowboy win.

Eventually, you see his training and fight with Dustin Poirier in which Poirier revenged his early loss to McGregor with a TKO win.

Episode 4: ’Til the Day I Go Out (53 minutes)

McGregor’s passion for fighting runs deep in this episode.

In the beginning of the episode, fans hear all of the criticism McGregor took for his last two losses.

After that, you see his reaction in live time of Nurmagomedov retiring following his win over Justin Gaethje.

Also, you see how hard he trained to try and avenge his loss to Poirier in which McGregor worked hard to correct his mistakes.

Of course, that fight ends with McGregor suffering a bad injury in the first round of the fight, so the episode ends with McGregor’s surgery and recovery.

Like on the Documentary

In you want to see McGregor’s drive for the sport you see it.

The raw emotions post-fight are very powerful and you can also see the passion he still has for the fight game.

There is also a ton of family stuff throughout the series and while there has been controversy surrounding McGregor, his girlfriend and kids definitely want for nothing, so you have to give him credit there.

One thing that is interesting in the series, is the amount of criticism McGregor takes in it, especially following the famous bus incident and his loss to Poirier.


Not a lot.

We know Conor has had a bunch of run in with the law outside of that bus incident, but that’s not in the series.

One thing that didn’t seem to make sense was the angle taking shots at the UFC for not booking him with fights.

UFC president Dana White often says he must offer every fighter 2-3 fights a year. Maybe McGregor’s contract is different, but I’d love to hear White’s take on that.


Great series. A must watch for UFC and MMA fans around the world.

McGregor is a superstar, so if you’re one of his millions of fans, you’ll love the documentary. If you are a fan of the sport, you will like the series.

If you do not like McGregor and come into the series with biases, you may want to not even bother, because it doesn’t seem like you’ll give it a shot, but you defiantly should as it takes you all behind the scenes of the sport’s biggest star.

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