Bisping and Henderson earn Fight of the Night, walk away with $50K

Michael Bisping, Dan Henderson in Explosive Twitter Exchange

Michael Bisping and Dan Henderson traded barbs over Twitter on Saturday night in what became a heated exchange.

Bisping provided color commentary at UFC 251. Apparently this wasn’t sitting well with Henderson, who was trying enjoy the fights without having to listen to his old rival. Henderson decided to take a jab at Bisping and remind him of a special day they share together.

After hearing from his old nemesis Bisping decided to return a shot of his own.

Drinking again and reliving your old glory. All polite to my face and talk shit online. Didn’t have you down as a keyboard warrior.

In response, Henderson reminded the British UFC Hall of Famer of his job responsibilities and potential shortcomings as a commentator.

At this point, Bisping had heard enough and responded with a few verbal haymakers at the former champion known for his right-hand power.

Bisping and Henderson have had animosity toward one another since the build-up to their first fight at UFC 100 in 2009. Henderson defeated Bisping via knockout with a vicious right hand punch that is considered by many to be one of the sport’s most legendary finishes. However, Bisping won their rematch at UFC 204 in 2016 in what was Henderson’s final fight. Will we see a rubber match? Probably not, but at least we can enjoy their spats on social media.


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