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Michigan legislator proposes police officers be required to obtain blue belt in jiu-jitsu

Michigan state Rep. Jamie Thompson (R-Brownstown Twp.) has introduced a proposal that would require police officers to learn jiu-jitsu or similar skills, including mixed martial arts and judo.

House Bill 5014 was brought forth on Sept. 14 and would mandate licensed law enforcement officials learn nonlethal takedown tactics through jiu-jitsu or equivalent grappling training.

“The training would be a win-win for our state as it would promote effective and nonlethal responses to potentially dangerous situations,” Thompson said. “Our law enforcement officers work hard to protect our families and neighborhoods. We should be doing all we can to support them and give them tools they can use in the field.”

The proposal requires that officers would need to achieve a blue belt in jiu-jitsu or certification of equivalent grappling training.

Thompson’s proposal would take effect next year and would cover individuals seeking a law enforcement license. Officers already licensed would be given time to gain training and officers would be required to complete continuing education in grappling training.

Several years ago, the Marietta, Georgia, Police Department instituted a similar initiative into their department. The department announced on their website that Brazilian Jiu Jitsu will now be a mandatory class for all officers affiliated with their department.

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