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Mike Tyson set to release “Mike Bites” infused gummies: “These ears actually taste good!”

The ongoing surge in the cannabis market is booming! Users can receive their relief in various forms outside of the norm/traditional ways of smoking the dry/cured herb. Many factors contribute to users not being keen on smoking cannabis, but the primary consensus is due to the harsh effect it can have on a user’s lungs.

One of the more popular products to hit the shelves in the cannabis industry is “edibles;” a cannabis-infused and ingestible food product. The effects are known to take longer to set in, however, provide a much-extended period of relief for the user.

Edibles come in all different forms of food as well as shapes, sizes, and doses. The majority of dispensaries and edible makers focus on simple recipes such as gummies or baked goods. Homing in on treats and desserts targets an audience that is looking for small yet convenient avenues for a tasty sense of relief. Entertainment programs such as Vice’s, “Bong Appétit” and other YouTube shows provide a plethora of examples on how to infuse various gourmet meals and desserts for their audience to gain insight as to how elaborate you can potentially get with your edibles.

Former boxing world champion and hall of fame fighter, “Iron” Mike Tyson knows a thing or two about producing a tasty sense of relief. After retirement from the sport, “Iron” Mike endured another source of success outside of the ring. In 2015, Tyson launched into the cannabis industry on his vast amount of property of Tyson Ranch.

“Cannabis has changed me for the good both mentally and physically, and I want to share that gift with others who are also seeking relief,” Tyson says.

Spearheading operations on Tyson Ranch, “Iron” Mike saw great success cultivating such strains as “The Toad”, “Tyson Cookies”, and more. Staying up with the times, Tyson took to social media this week teasing his newest addition to his edible line of products-Tyson 2.0: Mike Bites. With the newest addition to his menu, “Mike Bites,” are medicated gummies that are shaped like an ear with a bite taken out of it. Reminiscent of his historic bout with Evander Holyfield in 1997 where Tyson would resort to biting Holyfield’s ear out of frustration due to suffering several headbutts throughout the bout.

The harsh decision resulted in Tyson ultimately losing his boxing license for over a year by the Nevada State Athletic Commission, and the hall-of-fame fighter was fined over $3 million in legal fees.

Considering how booming the cannabis industry is, “Iron” Mike should make up for said $3 million legal fees and then some pending the success of Tyson 2.0’s: Mike Bites. The former champ recently leaned into the infamous ear-biting moment on Twitter, stating about his upcoming product: “These ears actually taste good!”

Check in with your local dispensaries and markets soon for Tyson 2.0’s: Mike Bites gummies!

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