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Mohammad Ali to Junior Rubi ahead of CFN 1: “Bring it, old man!”

Mohammad Ali has become a familiar face in the early stages of Cowboy Fight Series and the Virginia fight scene. Having fought on all three Cowboy Fight Series cards thus far, Ali, competed earlier just this month at CFS 3 is now set to test his stand up skills at Cowboy Fight Night 1, their all Muay Thai show. Donald “Cowboy” Cerrone said himself in an interview I shared with him, that the fighters should take other bouts to “learn and grow,” and Ali is taking the bull by the horns at every opportunity he can grasp to do just that.

His opponent across the ring from him on the evening will be Junior Rubi, a predominant Muay Thai striker. Ali and Rubi shared a card previously at CFS 1, however, Rubi claims to have no previous grappling knowledge and took the fight on a whim to gain some experience. Ali noticed Rubi looks comfortable on his feet, nonetheless, and is not shy to have a all out brawl with his elder in the center of the ring if it comes to it. With no fear of the traditional thai striker, Ali aims to stop the bout early in the “2nd or 3rd, most likely”, he says.

With the final words left to linger in Rubi’s head, the explosive Ali closed with “Bring it, old man”

Tune in to the video above as Mohammad Ali and I chop it up on skype for an exclusive one on one interview before Cowboy Fight Night 1 which goes down this Saturday evening, October 28th in Sterling, VA.

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