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MyMMArijuanaChronicles Ft. Don McGuire: Finding success with FECO

(Full interview with Don McGuire above)
In this edition of MyMMArijuanaChronicles, we have a previous guest and old friend checking back in with us.  The host of “The Original Fighter’s Voice,” Don McGuire.
McGuire has fulfilled and continues an illustrious career inside the realm of combat sports. From snapping the action shots of the highest-profile fights to hosting his podcast where he interviews fighters on their journey. McGuire surely has put a life’s work into projecting the spotlight on the athletes he’s endured.
Unfortunately, McGuire has indeed suffered his fair share of illness during his tenure in combat sports. A multiple amputee as well, McGuire has successfully undergone over 100 surgeries in the span of his lifetime and remains “undefeated and undisputed” when it comes to going under the knife and credits cannabis for a multitude of his healing and recovery. Upon finding full extract canna oil (FECO), McGuires quality of life has significantly improved, unlike any of the medications that “Big-Pharma” provided.
“The thing about FECO is when I went back for my second cancer treatment,” McGuire recalls. “The doctor walks in and says, ‘What the F*ck are you doing?!” McGuire says.  “I thought I was doing something wrong,” he professes with a laugh! Continuing to detail what the doctors told him.
“You were just in here and your prostate was seven times it was supposed to be. Now, today we run the test today and your prostrate is normal.  It’s actually smaller than it was before you even got the cancer,” he was told. They asked, “what are you doing?” McGuire recollects. “And they said they never heard of it!”
As McGuire continues to battle through with the help of cannabis, he leaves a strong reminder of just how medicinal an all-natural plant can be.  With no repercussions reported from McGuire as far as side effects are concerned.  It’s truly thought-provoking what our doctors will give us before exploring an all-natural form of medicine. 
Tune in as the host of “The Original Fighter’s Voice,” Don McGuire checks back in with MyMMArijuanaChronicles to give an update on his recent health screenings, how much cannabis has helped along the process and to talk shop about the fight game!

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