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Quentin Deleon: ““I learned that the hands will help you set up the kicks”

In April, Quentin Deleon captured the Lion Fight Super Flyweight Title.  This Saturday night at the Hard Rock in Las Vegas, “The Lion” defends his title for the first time as part of a card with 5-title fights.

Since that last Muay Thai fight, you’ve had a pair of boxing experiences. How have they helped you improve in Muay Thai?

“I learned that the hands will help you set up the kicks. When your hands fly, everything goes better. So, I learned that from the last, previous match when you jab, your cross and everything, just flows in when you do it correctly.”

You won a Lion Fights Title, a USAKA Title, and a Golden Gloves belt. What has it been like these last couple months picking up all this hardware?

“It’s been good. I don’t really look at it as hardware. I just look at it as part of my résumé as an amateur. It doesn’t matter. It’s not going to matter when you are a pro. It’s just stuff you accomplished when you were an amateur. I just look at it as part of the résumé. You got to do what you got to do and keep winning.”

Lion Fight 57 takes place at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas, Nevada, this Saturday, August 3.

Check out the full interview above.

CBSSN Main Card:

  • Super Welterweight 154 lbs.: Eddie “Silky Smooth” Abasolo (11-2) vs. Salah “The Beast” Khalifa (38-7)
  • Lion Fight North American Welterweight Title 147 lbs.: Josh “El Gatto” Aragon (14-4) vs. Marcos Vasquez (9-2)
  • Lion Fight North American Featherweight Title 126 lbs.: Ricardo “The Baltimore Bomber” Mixco (3-0) vs. Victor “Dynamite” Saravia (7-5)
  • Flyweight 110 lbs.: Magalie Alvarez (3-1) vs. Andy “The CrAsian” Nguyen (1-0)
  • Welterweight 147 lbs.: Jake Peacock (1-0) vs. John Garcia (pro debut)
  • Super Featherweight 130 lbs.: Anthony Warken (2-1) vs. Anthony Castrejon (7-6)

Amateur Prelims: 

  • Super Featherweight Title 130 lbs.: Alen Dudo vs. Cisco Cosio
  • Flyweight title 112 lbs.: Desiree Wodicker vs. Susan Wallace
  • Super Flyweight Title 115 lbs.: Anel Dudo vs. Quentin Deleon
  • Super Lightweight 140 lbs Anthony Au Young vs. Matt Barber.
  • Welterweight 145 lbs.: Julio Rios vs. Chris Lazaro
  • Welterweight 147 lbs.: Jesus Guevara vs. Brahyan Zurcher
  • Light Heavyweight 175 lbs.: Bobby Bodden vs. Andreas Thomas
  • lightweight 131 lbs.: Eric Wilson vs. Victor Burton

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